Trait Categories


Type is the same as subspecies.

For Characters with multiple or hybrid subspecies, they will have their additional subpsecies listed out as traits instead so that they can still be searched. 

When creating a MYO please include their subspecies in the traits section as well! The default is standard.


Each aspect falls into one of the four domains. These domains govern all magic and how the universe operates. All laws of existence and all planes correspond to the domains, each with their own plane where that domain holds the most power.

The aspects themselves are how living beings have come to understand and categorize laws of nature under the domains, and giving names to the aspects is part of why people are able to control them at will.

Applying an Aspect

Tomes do NOT grant an aspect slot by default!
Common aspects can be applied for free at any time.
Uncommon aspects can be applied using an Uncommon Aspect Tome
Rare aspects can be applied using a Rare Aspect Tome
Mythic Aspects can be applied using a Mythic Aspect Tome
Special Aspects are not available outside of auctions currently. But in the future there will be quests dedicated to them that anyone can complete!

★ Aspect Slots
FOR BROWBIRDS AND PAINTED SATYR: You must fill in at least 1 aspect when submitting your MYO design. You can leave the others empty for later.
An empty aspect slot is represented by a "---" on the trait list.
You can add an extra empty aspect slot you can use a Universe Page.

Standard Browbirds have 2 aspect slots.
Hiros Browbirds have 3 asepct slots.
Ancient, Revenant, and Halv Browbirds have 4 aspect slots.
Astrean Browbirds have 5 aspect slots.

Painted Satyr have 2 aspect slots, but the first one must always be filled by the aspect associated with their mask material. If they have multiple mask materials they will need 1 aspect for each material. You are given 1 free bonus aspect slot if you choose a 3 material mythic mask.

Kitbulls have 1 aspect slot. These do not have to be filled upon creation and can be left blank!
Longbulls have 2 aspect slots. 
What are aspects for?
Several traits require an aspect or are affected by one. This includes Painted Satyr Masks, some Kitbull Peculiars, browbird Ancient Aspect Mastery, 
There are several quests planned for release that will relate to aspects and will require exploring an aspect in depth to complete. These will reward special traits!
You are free to interpret aspect in various ways and come up with your own ideas for how an aspect works for your character. How strong are they? How many different abilities and applications have they learned? Is it difficult for them to use their aspects or are they a prodigy? You can also come up with synergy powers if your character has multiple aspects. Get creative and have fun!!


Aspect Domains
Celestial Domain by Browbird
Mind Domain by Browbird
Substance Domain by Browbird
Void Domain by Browbird
Substance || Common
Substance || Common
Substance || Common
Substance || Common
Substance || Common
Substance || Common
Mind || Common
Mind || Common
Celestial || Common
Substance || Uncommon
Substance || Uncommon
Substance || Uncommon
Substance || Uncommon
Mind || Uncommon
Mind || Rare
Mind || Rare
Void || Rare
Celestial || Mythic
Celestial || Mythic
Mind || Mythic
Void || Mythic
Void || Mythic
Substance || Special
Celestial || Special
Celestial || Special


Hold it! This is a feature exclusive to browbirds.

★ Quick Crest Info

The crest counts as only one trait total. You may add as many crest features as you want of the same or lower rarity.
✅ ADDING ANY FEATURE OF A HIGHER RARITY determines the rarity of the WHOLE crest. Ie: If your crest is all common with a single rare feature it is a rare crest!
✅ FOR MYO SLOTS ONLY trait potions can be used for crest rarity. Potions no longer work for this AFTER the design is on the masterlist.
✅ YOU CAN MAKE MINOR EDITS TO YOUR CREST LATER. Color changes are free, adding new effects of the same or lower rarity costs 1 Appearance Change Ticket.
❌ Trait potions cannot be used on an EXISTING browbird's crest.
❌ Crest features cannot be removed if it will drop crest rarity
❌ Crest features/rarity cannot be swapped out to add rarity elsewhere on a design

‼️ KEEP IN MIND YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR CREST SHAPE OR CREST RARITY LATER! Crest editing items are planned but not available yet, however the crest IS still intended to be a character choice, so consider it carefully!

If you are designing a common crest simply pick a BRIGHT COLOR and a simple common shape (ex: star, flame, orb) and you're done! If you want to get into the specifics and maybe get more funky with your characters crest design... Read on!


★ REQUIRED: Crest Shapes

The main part of the crest! You must pick something close to one of these shape options. You can tweak the shape from the examples slightly as long as it follows the same idea and does not resemble a crest of a different type/rarity.

Common Shapes
Uncommon Shapes
Rare Shapes
Mythic Shapes

Note: Crest shapes have an overhaul planned in the future!

★ OPTIONAL: Crest Effects

Effects are MODIFIERS you can add to your crest. Effects are considered in the crest's total rarity (ie: common shape + rare effect = rare crest). You can use and combine as many different effects as you want of the same or lower rarity to your crest. Click the icons to read more about effects!



When creating a NEW DESIGN if you have a rare crest you can instead pick up to TWO CREST SHAPES of rare or below rarity and combine them. (ex: star + halo to create a star with a ring around it. Two flames, one above each horn would also be possible!) The shapes can float separately or be linked together in some way. If the two shapes are combined together in any way they cannot resemble a crest of a higher rarity!

Mythic rarity crests allow you to pick up to three crest shapes following the same rules!

★ Crest color & PATTERNS

COMMON AND UNCOMMON CRESTS MUST BE ANY BRIGHT OR PASTEL COLOR. This includes ALL parts of the crest. Crests are meant to be BRIGHT AND GLOWING by default, anything else has lore implications! If you want a dark saturated color see rare effects, if you want a black/gray/mostly white crest see mythic effects.

Below are some examples of perfectly common crest colors! Your hues are not limited to these.

COMMON AND UNCOMMON CRESTS can have gradients and use up to TWO entirely different colors. White is not counted in the 2 color limit! If you'd like 3+ colors or a rainbow crest please see rare effects.

Crests can also have simple patterning
✅Abstract patterns/swirls, geometric shapes, cheker pattern, hearts, twinkles, stars, zig-zags, stripes, spots, and vague ornate designs are all okay.
❌ Patterning cannot resemble a feature of a higher rarity, ex: drawing a detailed rose crest inside an orb crest
❌ Patterns cannot look like text or numbers
❌ Patterning should not resemble things like hands, teeth, eyes, locations, photos, mirrors, animals
❌ You cannot slap an image off google images onto your crest
❌ All crest patterns are flat and rest on the surface of the crest, they do not have texture or raised areas!

Below are some examples of crest color and patterns!


Crests are always placed above the head between or above the horns by default. Their size can also be adjusted to be slightly larger or slightly smaller. You can flip them upside down and rotate them to different angles. For certain mythic crests they can instead be placed behind the head/upper back, please see specific crest shape info for more details!

Below are the MAXIMUM ALLOWED SIZES OF ANY CREST. Including ALL particles, effects and multiple crests, they cannot extend past these limits. Common crests can be 1x head height, rare crests can be 1.5x head height, and mythic crests can be up to 50% body height. There is only an exception made for common-rare crests with the blazing effect, details here.



It's being reworked to be worded better but will mostly stay the same!


Hold it! This is a feature exclusive to painted satyr. If you're character is a browbird  or kitbull you can skip this section!


Browbird Horn Information

Browbird Horns

You can see all browbird horns HERE!

Nearly all browbirds have at least one set of horns growing from their heads. Browbird horns continue growing throughout the browbird's entire life, and they are incredibly difficult to break. Most browbirds spend time tending to their horns by keeping them polished and shaving them down slightly to prevent them from growing too long.
General Horn Size and Shape
Browbird horns vary widely in size and shape. The maximum size and complexity of a set of horns is often determined by rarity. Smaller, single sets of horns will usually be common, while larger horns or horns that have more branches will be rarer.
Horn Color
They can be any color and can have gradients. Each horn can have a different color, they do not have to match.
✦ Horn Patterns and Markings
Horn markings have no rarity by themselves and you are able to add all kinds of markings to your browbird's horns. However, to add markings such as stars, runes, constellations, crescent moons, or sparkles to your horns you will need the rare body marking to do so. You can see all rare markings in additional traits.
✦ Horn Decoration
Horn decoration has no rarity. You are able to freely add decorations and accessories of any kind to your browbird's horns.
Glowing Accents on Horns
Horns with glowing markings, engravings, or insides (in the case of broken horns) would all be considered mythic and can be added for free if you have the glowing marking trait.
✦ Elemental Horn Types and Effects
To have elemental horns of any kind your browbird must be an ancient and have the corresponding aspect.
✦ Horns growing from the body
To grow horns from the body in places other than the head your browbird would need to be a halv.

Horn Traits

Toggle the spoilers below to see all additional horn traits and styles.
You can also find all horn traits here

To see the below images at a larger size you can right click and "view image"! 

You are able to combine common, uncommon, rare, and mythic types of horns together. However, the rarity will take after whichever is the highest rarity, or whichever type of horn it resembles more.


Additional Horn Traits
Additional horn traits are applied on top of the horn style. 
They are separate traits and do not replace the horns or stack with their rarity.

Common Horn Styles
Uncommon Horn Styles
Rare Horn Styles
Mythic Horn Styles

Hiros Exclusive Horn Styles

All Hiros Exclusive Horns

For hiros browbirds there are several extra horn styles exclusive to this type.
These horns often resemble wings or are linked together to create simple halos. 
These traits work the same as regular uncommon, rare, or mythic traits but can only be applied to hiros and half-hiros browbird.
Ancient Exclusive Horn Styles

All Ancient Exclusive Horns

For ancient browbirds there are several extra horn styles exclusive to this type.
Revenant Exclusive Horn Styles

All Revenant Exclusive Horns

For revenant browbirds there are several extra horn styles exclusive to this type.
Halv Exclusive Horn Styles

All Halv Exclusive Horns

For halv browbirds there are several extra horn styles exclusive to this type.

Painted Satyr Horn Information

Painted Satyr Horns

You can see all painted satyr horns HERE!

Painted satyr horns can be broken, trimmed, and grown into specific shapes. They can break rather easily, and can grow back! They are plant-like in texture and slightly flexible.
Horns can grow  from the very top of the mask or from the head behind the mask.
1 by Browbird4 by Browbird
General Horn Size and Shape
Satyr horns vary somewhat in size and shape, and  generally come to rounded or square branch tips. Branched horns are the standard of the species! Horns can be straight, curved, asymmetrical, broken, lightly scratched/damaged, or missing. Broken horns are able to grow flora from the broken areas. 

For horns with sharp tipped branches see Briarthorn.


2 by Browbird5 by Browbird3 by Browbird

✦ Counting Branches
Branch count goes off of the highest number on one side. 
✦ Horn Patterns, Color, and Markings
Horns are always striped like patches and can be any color. They do not have to match other patch areas and can be asymmetrical in terms of color. By default the horns do not have additional markings aside from optional small accent dots. Below are some examples of standard horn patterns and coloration. 
Horn Color by Browbird
✦ Flora Growing on Horns
Flora can grow from the horns. To see flora types you can click the images below.
✦ Horn Carvings
Carved satyr horns are uncommon. You are able to earn the item to apply the trait by completing the Engraving Memories quest
✦ Horn Decoration
Horn decoration has no rarity. You are able to freely add decorations and accessories of any kind to your browbird's horns.
Glowing Accents on Horns
Horns with glowing markings, stripes, engravings, or insides (in the case of broken horns) would all be considered mythic and are not available by default but can be added on by using the glowing patches trait.
✦ Elemental Horn Types and Effects
To have horns with elemental effects the character must have the elemental feyblood trait.
✦ Horns or branches growing from the body
To grow horns from places outside of the usual horn zone it would require the overgrowth feyblood trait. 

Horn Traits

Toggle the spoilers below to see examples of horn traits.
You can also find all horn traits here

You are not limited to what is shown!

You are able to combine common, uncommon, rare, and mythic types of horns together. However, the final rarity of the trait will take after whichever is the highest rarity is used in the combination.

Common Horn Styles

Common Painted Satyr Horns

Common painted satyr horns can have 0-5 branches.
They can be up to 1x head height.
7 by Browbird8 by Browbird9 by Browbird
|| 0 Branch (Hornless) || 1 Branch || 5 Branch ||


Uncommon Horn Styles

unCommon Painted Satyr Horns

Uncommon painted satyr horns can have 6-10 branches.
They can be up to 1.5x head height.
They can have up to 2 sets of horns on each side of the head.
For multiple sets the total amount of branches counts all from one side, rather than the individual horns!
10 by Browbird11 by Browbird12 by Browbird
|| 2 Set 8 branch || 6 Branch || 10 Branch ||
Rare Horn Styles

Rare Painted Satyr Horns

Rare painted satyr horns can have 11+ branches.
They can be up to 2x head height.
They can have up to 3 sets of horns on each side of the head.
For multiple sets the total amount of branches counts all from one side, rather than the individual horns!
13 by Browbird14 by Browbird16 by Browbird
|| 3 Set, 11 Branch || 11 Branch || 20 Branch ||
Note: 11 is missing one branch, will edit soon!!
Mythic Horn Styles

Mythic Painted Satyr Horns

Mythic painted satyr horns have no maximum branch limit.
They can be up to 3x head height.
They can have up to 5 sets of horns on each side of the head.
Horns can be linked together and make connected loops.
17 by Browbird18 by Browbird19 by Browbird
Feyblood Exclusive Horn Styles

Feyblood Exclusive Horns

A possible feyblood trait are feylord horns.
These horns include a unicorn horn, which can have any number of branches OR a crown of horns that partiallyy or fully encirles the head with a unicorn horn at the center.
20 by Browbird21 by Browbird22 by Browbird

Kitbull Horn Information

Coming soon!



Hold it! This is a feature exclusive to painted satyr. If you're character is a browbird  or kitbull you can skip this section!

Painted satyr patches are areas of soft, plant-like material that that is covered in a fine texture that makes it quite soft. The stripes and colors revealed in patches indicate the patterns and colors that run over and through their entire body. The stripes resemble the striped trees within the forest the first satyr were born in long ago and at the loss of horn or limb a satyr will show their stripes rings all the way through. Injuries such as this can even result what was lost possibly growing back in a new color and entirely covered in patch even if it was formerly a furred area!
Through patches painted satyr are able to take in energy from various sources. Their tree-like horns take in sunlight, moonlight, or starlight. Their hooves take in energy from the earth they touch. Their tail exists as a free root that takes in energies from the natural auras that flow throughout the living universe. Body patches can do often do such things as well along with being used to gather energy in other ways depending on the person! It is in this way that satyr are able to create energy from their surroundings, allowing them their long lifespans and the option of only having to eat food sparingly.
It is said that the shape of the patches and where they appear can say a lot about someone. What that means is up to you, however.
Patch rarity stacks and only counts as 1 trait total.
You may choose any available feature of the same or lower rarity.
You only have to include the highest rarity on the masterlist entry.

Patch Coverage

Patches MUST cover the horns, hooves, and at least half the tail and all branch areas. These patches cannot be removed!

Patch coverage allowance is determined by the trait rarity. Patches can never cover flora, hair or eyes but can cover most other parts as the rarity increases! The % used when determining patch rarity is often rough, please try to avoid the cusp as it may get the design rejected if it's determined to be high coverage!

Aside from the face, ears, and tongue, any spot on the main body can have a patch! If you place patches on the back or a place otherwise not easily visible please be sure to provide a reference when submitting your design.

Patch Coverage by Browbird

✦ Patch Shape

Patches at a baseline can take on any simple symmetrical shape. At the uncommon tier they can move on to asymmetrical. The only shapes not available by default are stars and moons, which only require the corresponding marking item to apply.

Patch Shapes by Browbird

✦ Patch Patterns, Color, and Markings

Patches can be any color by default with gradients, solid colors, and alternating colors. However, to have splotchy colors and randomly placed colors it will be uncommon. 

Common Patches2 by BrowbirdUncommon Patches2 by Browbird

✦ Elemental Patches

To have patches with elemental effects or entirely made of a solid non-standard material (such as glass) it would classify as a feyblood trait. Feyblood traits are not yet openly available and are presently only available on certain auctions!


Patch Traits

Patch traits stack! The rarity of the trait is determined by the rarest feature present. If you have rare patches you can have as many rare, uncommon, and common patch traits from this list.

You can see more details patch traits and their rarity below.


Hybrid Traits

Hybrid Patch Traits

To have patches with the following features you will need specific items. These features are not separate traits and require no extra traits or items.  They are only a bonus possibility when applying the trait listed.
These can be applied regardless of base patch rarity. Example: You don't need uncommon asymmetrical patches to apply the moon shaped patch since you are using a rare item.
Rare Patches Alt2 by BrowbirdRare Patches Alt by Browbird

Scales allow the body and patches to have scales applied. Up to 50% of the entire design can be covered in scales. This can be applied with a Scale Brew or Rare Trait Potion.
Star Markings allow the patches to be shaped like stars or to have star markings on them. You can also apply both at once and you will only need a Starcandy Soda or Rare Trait Potion
Constellation markings allow constellations to be added to the patches. You only need a Rare Trait Potion to apply it.
✦ Runic markings allow runes to be added to to patches. These can only cover up to 50% of the entire design!
Moon Markings allow the patches to be shaped like crescent moons or to have crescent moons on them. You can also apply both at once and you will only need a Moonlit Shine or Rare Trait Potion
Eye markings allow the patches to have eye symbols added to them. You only need a Potion of Eyes or Rare Trait Potion.
✦  Patches themselves can only glow or partially glow if you have the glowing markings trait which can be added with the Latte of Light or a Mythic Trait Potion.



Hold it! This is a feature exclusive to kitbulls. If you're character is a browbird  or painted satyr you can skip this section!


Hold it! This is a feature exclusive to kitbulls. If you're character is a browbird  or painted satyr you can skip this section!

Additional Traits

Additional traits include anything that can be added to the body or modifies an existing trait without changing the base trait. These traits often don't overlap with each other and must each be applied seperately.

In this category you'll find special markings, eye traits, and more! Basically anything that doesn't fall into required anatomy like horns, tails, masks, crests, or patches.

All Playable Species

Space Antennae (Uncommon)
Silky Antennae (Uncommon)
Delicate Antennae (Uncommon)

Browbird and Painted Satyr


Clouded Eye (Common)
Reversal Eyes (Common)
Mismatched Eyes (Rare)
Glamor Pupils (Rare)
Glowing Markings (Mythic)
Spell Sleeve (Mythic)
Runic Circles (Mythic)

Browbird Only


Body spines (Mythic)

Hiros/Half-hiros Browbird only

Can only be applied if your design or MYO slot is a hiros/half-hiros.


Wing Spike (Hiros Common)
Hiros Body Feathers (Hiros Common)
Hiros Addon Feathers (Hiros Uncommon)
Body Wings (Hiros Rare)
Skylord Wings (Hiros Rare)
Hylos Blessing (Hiros Mythic)


These traits cannot be applied currently outside of special sales.


Aspect Mastery: Spirit (Ancient)
Aspect Mastery: Being (Ancient)
Aspect Mastery: Cycle (Ancient)
Aura Manifest (Ancient)
Exposed Bone (Revenant)
Unmending (Revenant)
Extra Limbs (Halv)
Extra Sense (Halv)
Leaking Aura (Halv)
Carapace (Halv)
Beastly Claws (Halv)
Scale Plating (Astrean)
Sea Veil (Astrean)
Fins (Astrean)
Lustrum Wings (Special)

Painted Satyr Only


Sea Flora (Rare)
Briarthorn (Rare)
Stag Trait (Grove)
Hawk Trait (Grove)
Cat Trait (Grove)
Wolf Trait (Grove)
Serpent Trait (Grove)
Overgrowth (Feyblood)
Elemental Fey (Feyblood)
Fey Halo (Feyblood)
Fey Wings (Feyblood)
Mothheart (Feyblood)
Arachnid Curse (Feyblood)
Lustrum Soul (Special)

Kitbull Only

Lustrum Talons (Special)


Traits in this category do not fit anywhere else! Things such as multiple forms, color changing abilities, and other odd effects!


Perks are special bonuses applied to characters through special items! Some characters are also purchased with a perk if released during certain seasonal events.

Perks often grant extra stargold when the character is used in entries, but in the future they may offer other effects...


Default Anatomy

The default anatomy of a species.

These features do NOT need to  be included on the masterlist.

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