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Celestial Seas FAQ

★ What is Celestial Seas?

Celestial Seas is a character-based, semi-casual art roleplaying game, as well as a community of creators across a huge span of ages and backgrounds who contribute drawings, writing, and ideas to the Celestial Seas universe. We sometimes host events to challenge and motivate members to create art and stories for their characters and improve their creative skills and offer ingame rewards for each finished piece submitted. We have a specific focus on lore and character creation, and encourage everyone to construct fun narratives in our sandbox universe.

We welcome ALL visual and written artists of any skill level!
This website is still a heavy work in progress, but anyone can sign up and participate.

★ What is a closed species?

A "Closed Species" in this case is a group of character designs that exist within the name world and have a standard set of features present on every design that links them together. Each species is a creature or being from the creator's headworld. They have their own universe and lore that's open to roleplay and user input. Overall it is a large collaborative project that is always evolving as people contribute their art and ideas.

It also means that an official character cannot be made without permission from the species owner. However we do not claim to own any of the features our species have, or any combination of said features on a character design as nothing is inherently 100% original. We just ask that you not claim your creation is an official Celestial Seas design or try to scam others using our species name/species features.

★ How do I get a design?

There are many ways to get an official design!
• Purchase an official design from a sale on deviantart or toyhouse for USD
• Purchase a MYO slot from patreon for USD, this allows you to make your own design
• Use in-game currency earned from participating in prompts or doing commissions for other users in order to purchase a MYO slot with stargold. Your first slot of each species is half off.
• Enter free raffles! We often raffle off full character designs and MYO slots quite often. Some require some participation in events while others you can enter for free!

We are working on more ways to obtain designs and MYO slots and have some future plans in mind.

General FAQ

★ I encountered an issue, where can I go to report it?

Use the report system! If your issue is with content displayed on a profile, character, or trade listing you can use the report button on the page. Otherwise if there is another issue you may contact an admin on discord!

★ Where can I go to give suggestions?

Check out suggestions and leave a comment! We have a list of all future plans there.

★ I sent in a submission/note/email/message and have not yet gotten a response, what do I do?

If a full week passes and you have not yet gotten a response, please send it again or DM a staff member directly.

Website FAQ

★ Can I change my website username?

Yes! Please contact an admin on discord with a link to your profile, the email you used to sign up, and your new username and we will change it for you if it is not already taken.

★ Can I change which DA account my website account is linked to or update my DA account name on the website?

Yes! Please contact an admin on discord and let us know your account email to do so! We will clear your current DA which will allow you to connect a new one or update the DA username displayed on this website.

★ What are the drop rates for ____?

Generally, the rarer the item the less likely it is to drop. The drop rate percentages are something you'll have to figure out for yourself though!

Species FAQ




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