Created: 2 May 2020, 10:26:16 EDT
Last updated: 3 June 2020, 21:44:42 EDT

General FAQ

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I encountered an issue, where can I go to report it?

First check our help section. If your issue is not covered there please note Celestial Seas on DA, email us, or send a messege through our discord help channel.


I have a great idea for a brand new feature, where can I suggest it?

Please do not suggest new features at this time! Our priority is to move over all the exisiting features and information before adding anything new. We may open for suggestions in the future!


I sent in a submission/note/email/message and have not yet gotten a response, what do I do?

If a full week passes and you have not yet gotten a response, please send it again. 
Currently there is an error with certain alerts not showing up when trades and design updates are approved or being sent to you. We are still investigating this problem!


Website FAQ

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Can I change my website username?

Yes! Please note Celestial Seas on DA, email us, or contact an admin on discord and we will be able to do it for you. 


Can I change which DA account my website account is linked to?

Yes! Please contact an admin to do so!


What are the drop rates for ____?

Generally, the rarer the item the less likely it is to drop. The specifics of drops are something you'll have to figure out for yourself though! Feel free to map out drop rates and collect data by talking to other users.


Species FAQ

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