⚡ Single Rune Marking

⚡ Single Rune Marking (Rare)




Adds a single small to medium sized rune to the browbird, painted satyr, or kitbull. 

This trait can optionally glow, the glow should be similar to at least one color from the crest.

The rune can have a single containing circle, and very small accent dots or lines surrounding it, similar to the example. 

This marking can be located anywhere you'd like such as the forehead, chest, palm, tongue, back, ect! Up to 7 can be placed with this trait as long as they are clearly separate from each other, and each can be different.

You can choose the specific symbol, it can be whatever you'd like and you are free to assign meaning to it! Runes like this are always applied and not something a browbird is naturally born with, there can be any number of reasons why someone would have a rune placed on themself! It could be a seal, or something to enhance a specific spell, or perhaps just because they think it looks cool!

Single Rune by Browbird

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