⚡ Leaking Aura (Halv)

Species: Browbird (Halv subtype)

This trait is a WIP! While it is available for use, please be aware that designs submitted are more likely to be rejected if they use this trait due to lack of up to date reference material.

🌈 Can be applied to a halv browbird using a Hemlock Spawn

Trait: Allows the browbird's aura to leak out in visible form
Size: Aura can leak from one area per application of the trait, leaking aura can shift in size and shape but shouldn't be longer than 100% body length

✅ Must be black or very dark in color
✅ Can be asymmetrical
✅ Should be translucent or wispy in some areas
✅ Can emit from one of these areas:

  • Eyes
  • Mouth/Nose
  • Feet
  • Hands/Claws
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Extra Sense
  • Broken Horn
  • Horn Engraving
  • Wound (Revenant only)
  • Exposed Bone (Revenant Only)

✅ Can resemble any of the following:

  • Smoke (Fire or Shadow)
  • Clouds (Wind or Lightning)
  • Flames (Fire)
  • Dust (Stone or Time)
  • Ink (Water or Shadow)
  • Slime (Water or Shadow)
  • Eyes (Perception or Nightmare)
  • Teeth/mouths (Speech or Nightmare)
  • Glitch (Chaos)
  • Bug-like - (Nightmare) Resembling spider limbs, you may have up to 4 sets (up to 8 total)
  • Ghostly hands/claws (Shadow or Nightmare) - As long as they all come from the same spot you may have up to 4 extra arm sets. (up to 8 arms total)
  • Person-shaped (Shadow or Nightmare) - Can be up to the same size as the browbird if large, or you can have multiple small shadows people as long as they are connected to each other and the browbird.
  • Creature-shaped (Shadow or Nightmare)

✅ You may mix different appearances such as combining the person-shape with eyes.

❌ Does not replace any traits or features, the spot this trait leaks from should still be discernable
❌ Must be connected to the character and should not float seperately
❌ Cannot have sparkles without the sparkle trait
❌ Cannot have small glowing shapes or embers without the wisp trait
❌ Should only be dark or black in color, should not have glowing areas or bright colors outside of any eyes or nightmare-themed accents placed within the darkness.
❌ Should not merge or intersect with other traits and features (EX: cannot replace hair, should not bleed into crest)
❌ A single placement of this trait cannot be split up into multiple areas, it can only leak from one area and each leaking aura should be one continous shape. (EX: can leak from both eyes with one application, but to have it leak from eyes and horns it will require 2 traits.)
❌ Cannot conceal parts of the body, it flows from the body
❌ Cannot cover the body, only trail off it
❌ IC the leaking aura is ghost-like can only lightly affect the area around the character (such as moving a small object). It would not have the strength of a physical limb and could be passed through. Aura can optionally be toxic for other creatures to breath or move through. If the character concentrates they would be able to stop the flow.

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