Water (Common)

Category: Aspect
Aura Use:

★ About

✦ Wielders of this ever-shifting aspect are able to manipulate water in its liquid form, drawing it out of the ground and humid air. They can shape and direct it in all manner of ways, from forceful torrents to gentle rains. They are also about to control water within other substances such as ink, paint, slime, or batter. They can use it to submerge, cleanse, purify, drench or drown. and propel themself through water and, with enough practice, learn to breathe within it.


✦ Water users strive to be open minded towards new paths in life, new ideas, and the thoughts and feelings of others. They are often fairly calm, even in more tense situations, though this may sometimes lead to them brushing off a more serious threat. They must seek balance between being too rigid, or just being pushed along by the flow of things or they risk never being able to properly master their power over water.
★ Attributes
★ Advantages

Water is a straightforward counter to the the frequently seen fire aspect. It's also an aspect that can be easier to pick up than most!  Water itself is abundant in most places across the Celestial Seas meaning you'll only rarely be without access to it, and in those cases you can often bring some with you. It is versatile, able to be shaped from anything to sharp water whips to soothing mist.

★ Weaknesses

While it may be rare to wind up in a place with no water to use, it can happen, and in those scenarios a water user cannot rely on their aspect unless they want to draw water from their own body. Additionally, it is extremely important for water users to keep a clear mind, if they are clouded with anxiety or rage they will struggle to make their aspect respond to their magic.

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