⚡ Lustrum Wings

⚡ Lustrum Wings (Special)

Species: Browbird

🌈 Can be applied to a browbird using an Instar Prisma.
This trait can only be obtained through this item. 
Special traits cannot be swapped for other special traits.

Trait: Adds one set of butterfly or moth wings to one of the specified spots on the browbird.
Size: Should not be much larger than given examples. Hip placement specifically can go to the knees at maximum.

✅ Can be placed on: Head, ears, shoulders, arms, legs, chest, wrists, hips, feet
✅ Wings can be inspired by butterfly or moth wings, they can be based off something real or imaginary.
✅ Can have little frills, laced edges, slight tattering, or short trailing parts (similar to a luna moth)
✅ Can be angled in different ways, such as upsided down.
✅ Placement is symmetrical, but you can have a wing missing on one side. You can also have the style and pattern of the wings be asymmetrical.

❌ Cannot be placed on the character's tail or back to resemble back wings or tail wings. If placement is too close the design may be rejected.
❌ This trait does not replace other traits. It cannot be used to replace ears or eyebrows.
❌ Cannot be fully transparent or translucent but can have ares that are.
❌ Each use of this trait only applies ONE set of wings. To have multiple placements you will need multiple copies of the item. There is no limit to how many times it can be applied.

Mask2 by Browbird

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