⚡ Aura Breath

⚡ Aura Breath (Rare)

🌈 Can be applied to a browbird or painted satyr using a Rare Trait Potion.
🌈 Can be applied to a browbird or painted satyr using an Aura Breath Decanter.

Trait: The character's breath is tinged with their aura, they can breathe a magical smoke.
Size: Should be kept to the head/neck area, can somewhat surround the character but can't obscure them. Max length/amount of the smoke trail extending from the head is 50% of the body height TOTAL.

✅ The aura breath usually reflects the character in some way. For browbirds it should be close in color to the crest or contain at least one crest color. It can also take on the effect and particles of a crest, as well as markings the character has (such as stars or constellations)
✅ A browbird's aura breath cannot be black, white, dark, dull, or prismatic if the character does not have a crest with the corresponding effect. A painted satyr's aura breath has no color restriction.
✅ Can glow and/or sparkle
✅ Can be opaque or translucent
✅ Should resemble steam, smoke, clouds, or wispy flames.
✅ Can intersect slightly with effects stemming from items (such as a pipe), aspect mastery, and leaking aura.The main area of the smoke should still be constrained to the head/neck area. If the appearence is made to look like it's massively extending the trait effect it will be turned down!
✅ Can have ONE to THREE distinct trails, trails can be separate or interlink with each other
✅ Trails can have smaller segments/linking areas but should not resemble more than THREE total trails
✅ Can be asymetrical in placement, color, and effect

🔸 This trait and any effects/particles within it are made of magical smoke and not a physical object and thus would behave like smoke
🔸 This trait does not need to be shown on every prompt entry! You decide how it shows itself: always present, only present when exhaling, or only present when using magic.

❌ Cannot intersect with the crest
❌ Can only come from the mouth or nose
❌ Cannot trail farther than 50% of the body length from the head area in any direction
❌ And particles should be contained to the smoke or kept very close to it
❌ Trait cannot be excluded from the masterlist image. Please be sure to provide a reference of the aura breath if the character has it!

Aura Breath2 by Browbird

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