⚡ Aura Breath

⚡ Aura Breath (Rare)

🌈 Can be applied using a Rare Trait Potion.

🌈 Can be applied using an Aura Breath Decanter.




Adds aura breath to the browbird or painted satyr.

Aura breath allows the character's breath to always be visible and appear as smoke or breath on a cold winter day.

The appearence of the breath often reflects the character and many traits extend to the aura breath as well.

Aura breath will often match the crest of the browbird in color and effect.

Aura breath should not appear as fire or other elemental effects, it should only look like smoke.

Aura breath should not merge with the crest and should remain it's own separate effect.

Aura Breath2 by Browbird

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