⚡ Aura Breath

⚡ Aura Breath (★Rare)

Category: Additional Traits


Trait: A magical or elemental aura seeps from the mouth and/or nose of the character
Size: Up to 2x head height in a radius surrounding the head. Should start to taper off once it leaves the FACE area. Thin wisps and particles can extend slightly past the max range.

NOTE: Does not need to be included in prompts! You choose when the trait is visible.

✅ Can be any solid or gradiant colors and can have light patterning
✅ Can optionally glow and can optionally allow the mouth to glow when active

✅ The breath has 1 core appearance that comes from the mouth and/or nose of the character. It must be something that can flow in the air and cannot appear as a solid object.

  • EFFECT EXAMPLES: Smoke, clouds, fog, mist, flames, floating liquid

✅ Can have other effects accenting it, but cannot be entirely made of those particles.

  • PARTICLE EXAMPLES: Sparkles, sparks, music notes, flowers, wisps, stars, constellations, leaves, simple eyes, simple runes/letters, tiny ghosts, snowflakes, simplified butterflies or flies
  • This often reflects an aspect, ability, or personality trait of the person.
  • These should not appear as solid objects, they are particles of magic
  • They should only be small, and SIMPLE or VAGUE SHAPES only. Simple stylized eyes, glowing stars, a vague wispy hand, etc are okay, but not a detailed sword or plush doll or something skeletal.

✅ FOR BROWBIRDS ONLY: Can interact with leaking aura, aspect matery.
✅ FOR PAINTED SATYR ONLY: Aura breath can seep from a cracked mask a tiny bit, and can interact with blight mask effects on the face only.
✅ Can also interact with or come from items, ex: a pipe the character smokes.
✅ If the character has scars on their mouth, it can seep from those a tiny bit

❌ Cannot cover more than 50% of the face. If a lot of the face is covered it must be traslucent where it overlaps the face to show the face underneath.Thin trails can still be solid over the face.
❌ Must clearly be emitted from the mouth and/or nose. Cannot appear to come from the eyes, neck, hair, ears, etc but can overlap those areas.
❌ Does not make the face, hair, or other traits elemental or see-through!
❌ All particles should be contained within the breath or stay very close to it
❌ Cannot appear as part of a browbird's crest or otherwise interact with traits not listed above


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