⚑ Flora Cloak (Rare)

Species: Painted Satyr

🌈 Can be applied using a Rare Trait Potion.
🌈 Can be applied using a Flora Cloak Treat.

Trait: Adds a small number of large hanging flora that naturally grow on the painted satyr.
Size:Β The maximum size/length should not be bigger than the examples. Minimum length is around 25% of the character's body length. Max length can lightly touch the ground.

βœ… Can grow from the back, shoulders, and hips.
βœ… Can be any color and any shape, real or fantasy.
βœ… Can be asymmetrical
βœ… Can be layered
βœ… Each leaf can be different
βœ… Flora can be very lightly tattered
βœ… One use of the trait can apply it in 1 or more possible locations.

❌Cannot appear as bushels of leaves, should only be large distinct flora with amounts similar to examples.
❌ Cannot grow from patches
❌ This trait does not replace fur or hair or patches and should be clearly separate sea flora growing on the character
❌ This trait can only be applied once per character.

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