Delicate Antenna (Uncommon)

🌈 Can be applied using a Delightful Delicacy .




Can be added to any species! This is a unique variant of antenna specific to the Delightful Delicacy.

✦ This trait is counts as an additional trait and does not replace other traits

✦ Each use of the item only adds one set of antennae, to have multiple sets you will need multiple items

✦ This trait can be placed anywhere on the head, such as from the eyebrows, behind the ears, or the top of the head.

✦ You can add one antenna (in the case of the character missing one), or make the pair asymmetrical if you want! 

✦ Delicate Antennae must be at least as long as the head's height, and their maximum size is as long as the character's entire body.

Delicate Anetnnae by Browbird

✦ This trait can resemble various longer moth antennae that have spaced out feathering. They normally droop. You can see some examples below!

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