⚡ Super Long Ears

⚡ Super Long Ears (★Rare)

Category: Additional Traits

🌈 Can be applied using a Rare Trait Potion.
🌈 Can be applied using a Bunny Milkshake.

Trait: Allows the ears of a browbird or painted satyr to be very long. Can be applied to any ear type.
Size: Minimum 2x head height. At max size they can be up to 50% body length. This also includes any fur hanging off the ears.

✅ Can be applied asymmetrically, ex: one ear is long, the other is short
✅ Long ears can be ANY TYPE of ears and do not have to be bunny/lop style. Trait stacks with hiros wing ears.

Long Ears

✅ Can also be applied to hiros wing ears.

Hiros Ears Long

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