⚡ Talonscale

⚡ Talonscale (Rare)

Species: Browbird

🌈 Can be applied using a Rare Trait Potion.
🌈 Can be applied using a Crisp Talon Fish item.

Trait: Allows the browbird to have talon-like scales on their hands and/or feet
Size: Cannot go past the elbows on the arms, or past the ankles on the feet.

✅  Can be asymmetrical
✅  Can be applied to the feet, hands, or both. You do not need multiple copies of the trait.
✅ Often causes the claws to be sharper and more obvious

❌ Cannot be metallic, if the scales are shiny it should be kept to a minimum

Talonscale by BrowbirdTalonscale2 by Browbird

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