🌿 Cat (Grove)

Species: Painted Satyr

Adds one of the following traits per application of this trait. 

  • Cat Tail - Replaces the tail with a large fluffy tail, can be straight or curled. Can be up to 3x the body length, should be at least half the body length (larger than the common 'tuft' & 'deer' branchless tail options). Can resemble thin fur or thick fur cat tails as well as fox tails. Cannot have branches.
  • Paw Feet - Replaces the hooves with paws. Pawpads should be striped patches, but the whole foot can also be patch area if you want to retain that look.
  • Piercing Gaze - Adds up to 6 more eyes onto the satyr's mask. Eyes should all match and be symmetrical unless you also have the mismatched eyes trait.
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