🌿 Cat (Grove)

Category: Additional Traits
Species: Painted Satyr

🌈 Can be added to any painted satyr by using the Cat's Eye item.

★ When editing a character with this trait:
✦ If the trait was applied using the item it cannot be swapped to another trait, it can only be edited to a different variant within the same trait (ex: changing the tail to a different tail) or removed. 
✦ If the design was created with this trait without use of an item it can be swapped to a different trait from the cat list using an Appearance Change.

★ Info
✦ Does NOT require the painted satyr to complete the grove quest.
✦ Does NOT require cat form.
✦ One trait from the following list can be added per use of the item, to apply multiple cat traits it requires multiple copies of the item.

★ Cat's Tail

The satyr's tail becomes entirely covered in fur.

Size: Follows the rarity of the satyr's existing tail
✅  Can be applied to one tail or multiples in the case of designs with more than one tail
✅ Can be entirely branchless
✅ When branches are applied they are mostly covered in fur and stick out only a little
❌ Does not replace the tail rarity, branch count and length cannot exceed the satyr's current tail rarity


★ Cat's Paws

Changes the satyr's hooves to paws, allowing them to move more silently and have a bit more traction.

Size: Should resemble examples.
✅ Application can be asymmetrical, ie: one hoof foot, one paw foot
✅ Can have short claws or retractable claws
❌ If the entire foot is not covered in patch area the patch pawpads is required
❌ Pawpad should not be visible when the entire foot is covered in patch


★ Cat's Eyes

Gives the painted satyr more eyes. 

Size: Should not be any larger than regular eyes. Coverage can be anywhere on the mask
✅ One use of the item applies 1-3 eyes to the mask in a symmetrical pattern. Eyes can be any orientation.
✅ Can be applied up to 3 times for a maximum total of 9 extra eyes on the mask
✅ Added eyes do not have to match existing eyes
✅ Eyes can shut, when not open there is usually a line indiciating where they are placed. Please be sure to provide an open-eye version when submitting a design
❌ Eyes cannot be asymmetrical in placement or appearance by default, to make the eyes asymmetrical it requires the mismatched eyes trait.
❌ Added eyes cannot have any rare or mythic features by default and will require the corresponding eye item


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