⚡ Star Markings

⚡ Star Markings (Rare)

🌈 Can be applied to a browbird or painted satyr using a Rare Trait Potion.
🌈 Can be applied to a browbird or painted satyr using a Starcandy Soda.

Trait:  Adds star markings to a browbird or painted satyr. These markings can optionall glow.
Size: No coverage limit. Stars can be any side as long as they are discernable as a marking.

✅ Can be placed anywhere on the main body.
✅ This trait includes all markings that are clearly star-shaped. ★☆✶✷✸ Any 5-8 point stars.
✅ Stars can optionally glow, this effect does not always need to be present but if you choose to use glow please make sure it is on the submitted masterlist image. Not all stars on the design need to glow. The entirety of a star marking does not need to glow (it could be just a glowing outline of a star for example). When applied to a browbird the glow must match at least one color from the crest.  

❌ Cannot be applied to eyes or a browbird's crest.
❌ This trait does not replace other traits.
❌ This trait does not apply diamond (◆) or "twinkle" (✦) markings. Those markings do not require a trait.

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