⚡ Reflective Accents

⚡ Reflective Accents (★Mythic)

Category: Additional Traits
Species: Browbird

🌈 Can be applied to a browbird using a Mythic Trait Potion

Trait: Adds accents or small markings that are reflective to a single browbird
Size: Small area and accents only. Can cover up to 15% of the design maximum. 

✅ Application can be asymmetrical
✅ Can be applied to rare and mythic markings to make them reflective if the design has the corresponding traits
✅ Can be any color. You can use a variety of colors on a single design and do not have to stick to just one.

❌ The entirety of the allowed coverage cannot be condensed into one chunk (such as a hand, horn, or hair) or otherwise used to give the illusion of part made entirely of metal. Ex: horns should only have partial coverage/markings, not be entirely covered in gold.
❌ ONLY MARKINGS, claws, teeth, carving inlays, and a few scales can be reflective. No part can appear 100% made out of metal.
❌ Cannot be applied to eyes, crest, or the tongue/flesh/blood/scars.
❌ Regardless of colors it should be obviously shiny/reflective with a very drastic dark-light-white shine/gradient like the examples. This is to make it distinct from normal gradients!
❌ This trait can only be applied once. You cannot apply it multiple times to increase coverage.

This example shows max allowed coverage.

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