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Hold it! This is a feature exclusive to browbirds.

★ Quick Crest Info

The crest counts as only one trait total. You may add as many crest features as you want of the same or lower rarity.
✅ ADDING ANY FEATURE OF A HIGHER RARITY determines the rarity of the WHOLE crest. Ie: If your crest is all common with a single rare feature it is a rare crest!
✅ FOR MYO SLOTS ONLY trait potions can be used for crest rarity. Potions no longer work for this AFTER the design is on the masterlist.
✅ YOU CAN MAKE MINOR EDITS TO YOUR CREST LATER. Color changes are free, adding new effects of the same or lower rarity costs 1 Appearance Change Ticket.
❌ Trait potions cannot be used on an EXISTING browbird's crest.
❌ Crest features cannot be removed if it will drop crest rarity
❌ Crest features/rarity cannot be swapped out to add rarity elsewhere on a design

‼️ KEEP IN MIND YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR CREST SHAPE OR CREST RARITY LATER! Crest editing items are planned but not available yet, however the crest IS still intended to be a character choice, so consider it carefully!

If you are designing a common crest simply pick a BRIGHT COLOR and a simple common shape (ex: star, flame, orb) and you're done! If you want to get into the specifics and maybe get more funky with your characters crest design... Read on!


★ REQUIRED: Crest Shapes

The main part of the crest! You must pick something close to one of these shape options. You can tweak the shape from the examples slightly as long as it follows the same idea and does not resemble a crest of a different type/rarity.

Common Shapes
Uncommon Shapes
Rare Shapes
Mythic Shapes

Note: Crest shapes have an overhaul planned in the future!

★ OPTIONAL: Crest Effects

Effects are MODIFIERS you can add to your crest. Effects are considered in the crest's total rarity (ie: common shape + rare effect = rare crest). You can use and combine as many different effects as you want of the same or lower rarity to your crest. Click the icons to read more about effects!



When creating a NEW DESIGN if you have a rare crest you can instead pick up to TWO CREST SHAPES of rare or below rarity and combine them. (ex: star + halo to create a star with a ring around it. Two flames, one above each horn would also be possible!) The shapes can float separately or be linked together in some way. If the two shapes are combined together in any way they cannot resemble a crest of a higher rarity!

Mythic rarity crests allow you to pick up to three crest shapes following the same rules!

★ Crest color & PATTERNS

COMMON AND UNCOMMON CRESTS MUST BE ANY BRIGHT OR PASTEL COLOR. This includes ALL parts of the crest. Crests are meant to be BRIGHT AND GLOWING by default, anything else has lore implications! If you want a dark saturated color see rare effects, if you want a black/gray/mostly white crest see mythic effects.

Below are some examples of perfectly common crest colors! Your hues are not limited to these.

COMMON AND UNCOMMON CRESTS can have gradients and use up to TWO entirely different colors. White is not counted in the 2 color limit! If you'd like 3+ colors or a rainbow crest please see rare effects.

Crests can also have simple patterning
✅Abstract patterns/swirls, geometric shapes, cheker pattern, hearts, twinkles, stars, zig-zags, stripes, spots, and vague ornate designs are all okay.
❌ Patterning cannot resemble a feature of a higher rarity, ex: drawing a detailed rose crest inside an orb crest
❌ Patterns cannot look like text or numbers
❌ Patterning should not resemble things like hands, teeth, eyes, locations, photos, mirrors, animals
❌ You cannot slap an image off google images onto your crest
❌ All crest patterns are flat and rest on the surface of the crest, they do not have texture or raised areas!

Below are some examples of crest color and patterns!


Crests are always placed above the head between or above the horns by default. Their size can also be adjusted to be slightly larger or slightly smaller. You can flip them upside down and rotate them to different angles. For certain mythic crests they can instead be placed behind the head/upper back, please see specific crest shape info for more details!

Below are the MAXIMUM ALLOWED SIZES OF ANY CREST. Including ALL particles, effects and multiple crests, they cannot extend past these limits. Common crests can be 1x head height, rare crests can be 1.5x head height, and mythic crests can be up to 50% body height. There is only an exception made for common-rare crests with the blazing effect, details here.



It's being reworked to be worded better but will mostly stay the same!

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