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Hold it! This is a feature exclusive to browbirds. If your character is a painted satyr or kitbull you can skip this section!

Crests are the floating symbol above a browbird's head. They are the soul of the browbird, and the source of their magical energy, or "aura".

If you need help with your crest, please ask. we are happy to answer any questions regarding crests!
This page is still a WIP and will be updated over time!

★ Quick Crest Info

✅ Crests count as only one trait total. You may add as many crest features as you want of the same or lower rarity of your crest when designing a MYO.
✅ For MYO slots only, applying an Uncommon Trait Potion, Rare Trait Potion, or Mythic Trait Potion can be used when submitting the final MYO design to apply a crest of those rarities. Once the design is approved this is no longer possible.
✅ You can make minor edits to a crest. You cannot change the shape, but you can change the color and effects with an appearance change.
❌ Trait potions cannot be used on an existing browbird's crest to modify the crest shape or increase its rarity. Ex: You cannot use a rare trait potion to increase your browbird's crest to rare.
❌ Crest traits cannot be swapped out for traits elsewhere on the design. Any traits on the crest are locked to the crest.
❌ Crests cannot be black, white, dull, or very dark without the appropriote affect. They are bright and colorful by default to show that they give off a glow!

Building a Crest

Crests are made up of two parts. The shape and the effect. The shape is required, while the effects are optional and only serve to modify the base shape.

The crest takes on the rarity of its rarist feature. So a common shape + rare effect = a rare crest.
All crest features stack, you only need ONE TRAIT TOTAL for your crest!

★ Crest Shape

The crest shape is required and must be similar to a crest shape from the current list. Here is the current list of possible crest shapes! If your chosen shape does not resemble any shown it will likely be rejected. 

Remember that once chosen your crest shape cannot be heavily modified! Be sure of your choice!

★ Common Crest Shapes:
Fires, Polygon, Polyhedra, Sky, Space, Misc

★ Uncommon Crest Shapes:
Tears, Blades, Facet, Crown, Bands, Misc

★ Rare Crest Shapes:
Heavens, Blessed, Wonder, Emotia, Misc
When designing a rare crest for your MYO you can have up to 2 crests of rare or lower! This is called a x2 crest. This allows you to combine crests together in some ways as well! 

★ Mythic Crest Shapes:
Solar, Hylos, Dalva, Runic, Arisen
When designing a mythic crest for your MYO you can have up to 3 crests of mythic or lower! This is called a x3 crest. This also allows you to combine crests together in some ways as well!

★ Legendary Crest Shapes: (Not Available) 
Legend Crests
Anything not included above is currently considered legendary. These cannot be applied and certain unlisted shapes will be added to the lower tiers in the future.

★ Crest Effect

Crest effects are optional modifiers you can add to your crest. There is no limit to the amount of effects that can be applied to a crest.

Effects can be modified on an existing design at the salon using an appearance change ticket. You are able to add/remove effects. To add an effect it must be the same or lower rarity to your crest. You cannot add higher rarity effects using trait potions on existing designs.

Default/Common Effects (Does not need to be included on masterlist)
Uncommon Effects
Rare Effects
Mythic Effects

There are also effects exclusive to other browbird types:
Winged (Hiros)
Empyrean (Hiros)

Extra: Crest Particles

Crest particles are currently not available but will return in the future update.

About Crests

"Crest" is the name given to the floating shape or symbol that is present above each browbird's head. They start to appear almost immediately after a browbird takes their first breath as swirling clouds of smoke that resembles a miniature storm. As a browbird grows older, their crest will take on various shapes and colors, sometimes shifting by the day. It finally settles on a single, unchanging form when they reach adulthood at the age of 20 years.

Crests can not be grabbed, moved or interacted with by an outside force, they are also able to pass through objects like little ghosts. They are always positioned above the browbird's head and will usually give off a fairly dim glow, but with a little effort it can become much brighter and be used as a light source in dark places. It's possible to stick your hand in one, and if you were to do that  it would feel warm and send little tingles up your arm. If a crest ever feels too hot or too cold, it can be a sign of depression, physical illness, and other things.

While an adult browbird's crest will not change shape drastically like a juvenile browbird's, it will still shift and flicker slightly depending on the browbird's emotions. Many browbirds passively will watch another browbird's crest for slight movements, and it's one of the many ways they understand each others emotions and communicate to one another, like another form of body language.

Browbird crests are a visual manifestation of a browbird's soul and aura. They serve as a core of energy that the browbird can focus on to draw from when using their magical abilities. This means that when a browbird uses magic or has a magical effect on their body, it will always include at least one color from their crest. An example of this would be if a browbird had a blue crest and used fire magic, their fire would be a similar shade of blue. Another example is glowing markings, which often show up in the color of the browbird's crest. This being the case, it means only browbirds with black crests, white crests and gray crests are able to have magic or glowing traits of those colors.

Crests do not extinguish until death, however they will grow smaller and dimmer if a browbird is elderly, ill, extremely weak, or close to dying. They also become small and dim if a browbird uses far too much magical energy, nearly draining their aura and putting their life at risk. Smaller fluctuations happen during daily life though, a browbird's crest will stutter and shrink if they are fearful, or flare if they are feeling fired up!

Additionally, browbirds actually have a popular form of divination concerning ones future, personality, and relationship compatibility that uses crest shape, aspects, and what birth cycle they hatched during. This process is called Celestiscope!

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