⚡ Uncommon Hiros Addon Feathers (Uncommon)

Species: Browbird (Hiros / Half-Hiros subtype)
❗ This trait is restricted to hiros/half-hiros subtype browirds only!

Trait: Adds 1-2 "swallow" feathers to the body, base of the tail, or wings.
Size: These feathers are intended to be fairly long and should stand out from the rest of the tail or body. They can be up to 1.5x the body length. They often resemble king feathers, saxony feathers, or dragon feathers.

🌈 Can be added to a hiros browbird with an Uncommon Trait Potion
🌈 Can be added to a hiros browbird with a King Sorbet

✅ Can be added to any tail type.
✅ Feathers do not have to be symmetrical and do not have to match.
✅ These are long feathers that can have any pattern.

🔸 You are able to add 1 set of feathers for each use of this trait.

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