Silky Antennae (Uncommon)

🌈 This is an ITEM ONLY trait and cannot be obtained with a normal trait potion. Can only be applied to a browbird, kitbull, or painted satyr using a Silky Sweet .

Trait: Unique antenna variant that resembles short moth antennae with clustered together feathers antennae. 
Size: Must have at least 3 segments at minimum. Maximum size is twice the character's head height.

✅ Can be placed anywhere on the head
✅  Application must be symmetrical in placement but can be asymmetrical in style/color/sizing, you may also have 1 side missing an antennae.

❌ Does not replace other traits
❌ Each use of the item only adds one set of antennae, to have multiple sets you will need multiple items
❌ Cannot be placed anywhere but the head

Delicate Anetnnae by Browbird

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