Hiros Wing Spike

Hiros Wing Spike (★Common)

Category: Additional Traits
Species: Browbird (Hiros / Half-Hiros subtype)
❗ This trait is restricted to hiros/half-hiros subtype browirds only!

This trait can be applied for free to a hiros/half-hiros browbird MYO slot.
☑️ If your existing hiros/half-hiros browbird design does not have this trait it can be added with an Appearance Change at the Salon.

Trait: Adds a spike to the last joint of the wings on a hiros browbird. Ie: where the thumb would be.
Size: Should be small.

✅ Can be asymmetrical in shape/style/placement
✅ Can be placed on any/all wings on the design.
✅ Can be curved. 
✅ Can have extra smaller spikes added to the main spike if you have the rosethorn trait.

❌ Cannot be made out of metal/gemstone/other elemental materials by default unless you have the trait required for it. Shouldn't be metallic/super shiny either.
❌ Cannot be placed anywhere on the wing other than the "thumb" area.
❌ Cannot be applied multiple time to add more spikes to a single wing. Each wing can have a maximum of 1-3 spikes and you only need to apply this trait once to add it to as many wings on the design as you want.
❌ Does not add a thumb joint to the wing (similar to a dragon or bat).

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