➕ Mythic Crest Effect

➕ Mythic Crest Effect (★Mythic)

Category: Crest
Species: Browbird

‼️ Please read over the main crest info first! Applying any of these effects will make your crest MYTHIC.


Trait: Allows the crest to be larger than 1.5x head height up to a max of 50% BODY HEIGHT (not counting horns or hair).

✅ Allows any crest to optionally be placed behind the head if large enough
✅ Can be placed partially behind the upper back as long as part of the crest still shows above the head/horns
✅ Sizing is always proportional to your character and how they are drawn/stylized.

❌ CANNOT GO PAST 50% BODY HEIGHT this includes ALL effects, multiple crests, and particles.
❌ Cannot be entirely on the back, should still be mostly in the head/horns area!

The larger the crest, the more magical energy a browbird has to draw from allowing them to perform even grander feats of magic, but it takes them far longer to recover if they're utterly drained. The consequences for overdrawing are also much, much greater.


Trait: Allows the crest to be in the black, gray, dull, or white color range past what's allowed for common and rare. These colors can be applied however you want and optionally mixed with brighter tones.

✅ Can apply to any crest and any effect partially or fully.
✅ Can be applied to particles
✅ Black and dull crests do not have to glow!

A white crest represents the soul of one that has passed through the dreamscape and thus has been reincarnated many, many times. Their aura has become celestial light itself.
Black crests are a sign of being voidtouched, their soul drenched in the abyssal void. They do not give off any light, but some crests may naturally bend light to give the illusion of a glowing edge.
Dull Crests are a fading glow between wild dreams and nothingness. What could have happened to them to leave such a mark?

Crest colors mean nothing in terms of morality, black isn't bad and white isn't good. These are symbols that represent connections to other planes of reality, the results of major life events, and mysterious omens.


Trait: Adds any amount of thorns and spikes to the crest.

✅ Can be applied to the main shape
✅ Can be applied to other effects
✅ Thorns can be straight or curved slightly
✅ Can be thick or thin

❌ Thorns cannot be applied to other thorns obtained from this feature
❌ Thorns MUST be sharp and follow the general thorn shape

Unstable and aggressive, a thorned crest represents magic threatening to lash out at any moment. Magic that sometimes acts on it's own and is difficult to control. Something likely made them this way, what could have affected their soul so deeply?


Trait: Adds a large parhelion shape around the crest

✅ Can encircle the entire crest or only part of the crest
✅ Can have SLIGHT, SMALL lens flares as shown in the example

❌ Cannot extend past the size limits! So if your crest is already very large it may need to be reduced in size if you're applying parhelion around the entire crest.

The mark of something grand, the brightest star condensed into a single soul. It is control, but also the knowledge of how easily it can overwhelm you.
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