⚡ Aspect Mastery: Being (Ancient)

Species: Browbird (Ancient subtype)

For browbirds who fully dedicate themselves to learning magic, they will eventually achieve complete mastery of one of their aspects. When they obtain mastery of an aspect, that aspect will affect their body in some way.

Trait: The Form branch of aspect mastery replaces an entire part of the browbird's body with their mastrered aspect. This often times focuses in on a specific limb. 

The limb can be fully manipulated by magic and can change form to be used for various purposes. they still have full function over the limb as well. 

This trait is often gained during the ascendance into ancienthood after obtaining aspect mastery. Sometimes a browbird will sacrifice part of themself to magic, which will then be replaced through their aspect. While this is a difficult and often painful process, the end result provides them with a powerful and always-present source of magic.

The possabile placements are 25%-100% of one of the following: Arm, leg, tail
You can mirror the trait on both sizes, or have it placed on only one side. Does not need to be asymmetrical. 

Feet affected by this trait will sometimes leave behind trails corresponding to the aspect wherever the character walks, the trails are listed below as well! 

🌀 Hybrid Trait: For hiros browbirds, one or both of their wings can be used as an area affected by Form mastery

🌀 Hybrid Trait: For revenant browbirds, their exposed bone and bone tail can be affected by this trait. It will allow their bones to be made from the aspect, or will allow the bones to appear within the aspect (such as with ice or illusions).

To have one of these mastery traits, your browbird must also have the corresponding aspect.

Each different aspect counts as a separate aspect mastery traits. However, using multiple variants within the same aspect will only count as one aspect mastery trait. Please keep in mind you can only have a maximum of 3 total placements of this trait and replacing every single limb with an aspect is not possible!

★ Aspects affected by Form Mastery
  • Fire 
    A  limb made entirely of blazing flames that flow off of the limb.
    Trails of embers and burn scars are left where this browbird steps.

  • Water
    A  limb made of flowing water. Can be see-through and filled with small sea creatures.
    Reflective pools of water are left in this browbird's footsteps.

  • Frost
    A limb made of jagged or smooth ice.
    Frozen ground follows this browbird as they walk.

  • Wind

  • Wood
    A limb made of living wood or plants that can sprout branches, leaves, and flowers.
    Flowers and plants grow where this browbird steps.

  • Stone
    A limb made of jagged mossy stones.

  • Crystal
    A limb made of sparkling gemstones or crystals, facets and all.

  • Arcane
    A limb made of swirling colorful arcane energies that glows brightly and sparks with energy.
    Swirling magic is left behind as this browbird walks.

  • Metal
    A limb made of solid or liquid metal that can be manipulated into all sorts of forms.
    Pools of metallic substances splash the ground where this browbird steps.

  • Lightning
    The limb is surrounded with crackling electricity that streaks around and through it and creating glowing cracks.
    Sparking lightning is left in this browbird's footsteps. 

  • Light
    The browbird's entire limb will be entirely made of solid glowing light that leaves wispy trails and sunbeams behind.
    Their footsteps glow.

  • Shadows
    Their limb is made of wisping, semi-formed shadow that creates long dark trails or appears almost like dark ink.
    The browbirds steps leave ink or fading shadows behind. 

  • Astral
    The browbird's limb will be made from the darkness of space filled with sparkling stars.
    Puddles that reflect a night sky and forming constellations are left behind as they walk.

  • Blood
    The browbird's limb is made from solid or dripping blood that flows from the browbird's open wound. It can be manipulated into various forms.
    Pools of blood are left behind where this browbird goes.

  • Bone
    The limb will be made of bone plating (this does not make them skeletal! they appear as a regular arm, but made of thick bone instead). Can optionally have spikes.

  • Illusions
    The browbird's limb will be see-through and ghost like. 
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