⚡ Briarthorn

⚡ Briarthorn (Rare)

Species: Painted Satyr

🌈 This trait can be applied to a Painted satyr with a Rare Trait potion or Rosethorn Water.

Trait: Adds sharp thorns to the patches of the satyr
Size: See examples. Thorrns placed on tail and thorn patches should be small. Spikes placed on body patches can be up to x1 head height.

✅ Can be asymmetrical in style/placement. Both large and small spikes can be used at the same time on patches
✅ Spike color does not have to match patch color
✅ Spikes can optionally be striped
✅ Thorns placed on the body patches can be tiny spikes or large spikes, They can resemble rose thorns or general straight spikes
✅ Up to 7 large spikes can be placed on body patches, otherwise use small thorns! Body patches include ANY patches that are not on the horns or tail. (Including rare face patches!) The only exception is that tongue patches or any patch placed on the forehead can only have thiny thorns.

❌ This trait does not add more branches! It only modifies the shape of branches. Each thorn on the tail or horns would be considered a branch.
❌ Spikes cannot be largely curved, and must remain straight in nature.
❌ Horn and tail spikes must clearly resemble thorns. This trait does not just simply give branches pointed tips, but rather makes them thorn-like in appearance.
❌ Cannot be larger than shown
❌ Cannot be stacked with itself, smaller thorns cannot be placed on body spikes
❌ Spikes should be spaced out and not clumped into one mass to where it no longer resembles the trait or completely obscures the patches beneath

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