⚡ Blank Eyes

⚡ Blank Eyes (Mythic)

🌈 Can be applied to a browbird or painted satyr using a Mythic Trait Potion

Trait: Changes to eyes to be solid blank color or gradient with no pupil or iris, or completely empty.
Size: Only affects the eyes.

✅ Can be any color
✅ Can optionally glow without need of the glowinng eyes trait. The glow can be constant or only active during certain situations. If the glow can turn on/off please provide references of both variants.

❌ Both eyes must match unless the character has Mismatched Eyes

Whetever or not those with blank eyes are actually able to see depends on the person. Regardless of if they are blind or not however those with eyes such as these are able to 'see' or 'sense' the auras of others and can detect even the most subtle shifts in magic.
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