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Created: 1 May 2020, 15:27:06 EDT
Last updated: 12 August 2020, 05:44:39 EDT

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What is a MYO?

"MYO" or "Make Your Own" slots allow you to create a design of a specific species. The traits and species depend on the type of slot you have!

You can find all MYO slots and MYO designs here:

MYO Slot List
Browbirds  Painted Satyrs  Kitbulls


Sparkle by BrowbirdHow to get a MYO Slot

The primary way to get a MYO is to participate in prompts and save up your ✨Stargold. You are able to purchase one slot of each species for half price one time!

These slots can be found over at:

Specialty Supplies

FREE MYO Slots can be won for free from event raffles. Raffles are held often, so keep an eye out! Most raffles only require that you enter, or they may require you to do prompt entries during a specific time frame.  If you win a raffle you'll be given a Celestial Ticket which can be exchanged for a slot of your choice!
MYO Slots or Celestial Tickets can also be found on extremely rare occasions from certain boxes and gacha rolls that will be released!
A small amount of MYO Slots are made available for purchase with USD on Patreon once a month.



Sparkle by BrowbirdTurning myo items into usable slots

If you have one of the following items, you must turn them into a SLOT before they can be designed as a character.


Gold MYO items can be transferred to other users while they are items, but once they are turned into slots they can no longer be exchanged with others until the final design is created. Please keep this in mind!



Prize MYO items are free rewards earned through raffles or other RNG means. They are bound to you in all forms, but can be given to another user for free or returned to staff to be re-raffled. 

To turn your MYO item into a useable slot, you must send in a claim.

For the URL please write "Converting: MYO Item". Then include the following in the comments section of your claim:

★ Item(s):
- List out all MYO items you are converting
- Include the type of each one (gold or gift/special)
★ Extra notes:
- Include any special bonuses/restrictions you have been given alongside your slot
- If you do not have any notes, please put N/A

Once you item has been converted into a slot, the item will be removed from your inventory and cannot be turned back into an item.  


Sparkle by BrowbirdGetting your design approved

Go to your MYO slots page.  Click on the MYO slot you want to use!
On the side menu, you will have the option to submit a design for your slot.

Please include all items you use and where you used them in the comments section of your submission!
Please input all traits. If for some reason a trait will not input, or if you are unsure of the trait, please include that in the comments section as well!

Once the design is approved, the slot will be consumed and the design will be added to the MYO list.

If your design is rejected, please check the staff comments to see why. If you have further questions, you may contact us!



MYO Trading Guidelines

Slot Type
PLATINUM MYO Browbird by Browbird

Platinum MYO Slot

Slot: Yes!
Approved Design: Yes!
Slot: No
Approved Design: Yes!
Slot: No
Approved Design: Whether or not the slot was purchased determines if the approved design can be sold. The design will have a listed price if it can be sold!
GOLD MYO Browbird by Browbird

Gold MYO Slots

Item: Yes!
Approved Design: Yes!

Item: Yes! Only for Celestial Seas artwork, designs, items, companions, and currency.
Slot: No.
Approved Design: Yes! Follows normal trading rules.

Item: No
Slot: No
Approved Design: No
PRISM MYO Browbird by Browbird

Prism MYO Slot

Slot: Yes!
Approved Design: Yes!
Slot: No
Approved Design: How the slot was obtained determines if the approved design can be sold. The design will have a listed price if it can be sold!
Slot: No
Approved Design: Whether or not the slot was purchased determines if the approved design can be sold. The design will have a listed price if it can be sold!
PRIZE MYO Browbird by Browbird

Prize/Gift MYO Slot

Item: Yes!
Slot: Yes!
Approved Design: Yes!
Item: No
Slot: No
Approved Design: No
Item: No
Slot: No
Approved Design: No



Design Guidelines

The following guides will outline species information!
If you are confused by any information provided please don't hesitate to ask, we are happy to help!
Some guides are going through rewrites and certain information may be missing.

Browbirds Painted Satyr Kitbulls  





✦ I have a slot from before the switch over to the website and it's not on the MYO slot list, where is it?
To keep the number order correct on the masterlist, we uploaded your slot as a MYO character. Please check your character list for your slot, it should have a ticket icon! When you complete your design, you must submit a design edit, you can do this from the character's page. If you do not see the slot you own on the website in your name, please contact us with proof of obtaining the slot.


✦ I don't have a website account and don't plan to make one, what do I do about my MYOs?
At this time you can still submit the old way by sending a note to the DA group. This option is only available if you do not have a website account. If you have a website account you must submit through the website. We will eventually be discontinuing this method however!


Can someone else design my MYO for me?

Please be aware that sometimes you may be required to make changes if they do not line up with species guidelines and rarity. We do not manage the rates of other artists, so you may be required to pay your commissioned artist extra for changes.


✦ Do MYO slots expire if they aren't used?
Nope, there is no time limit to use your slot.


✦ Can I design my MYO for someone else and then trade it to that person?
This is fine as long as the design can be traded!


✦ Can I base my MYO off of another design I own?
Yes! We just ask that the designs are not traded separately from the original design if you borrow a lot of visual design aspects from it. 


✦ What if staff requests edits?
If an edit is requested, please simply resubmit with your edits! Edits are requested if we feel that part of the design is not consistent with the species or rarities. We are here to help if needed, so if you'd like suggestions for your design feel free to ask!


✦ If I commissioned my MYO design, can I resell it for the commission price?
MYO slots cannot be sold for more than their listed price. This includes vouchers. If there is no listed price on the masterlist they cannot be sold at all. Keep this in mind if you commission another artist!


✦ I need more help for my MYO, where can I go?
You are always free to ask questions to Corrin in discord DMs, send us an email, or send a note to the Celestial Seas group. We are always happy to help!

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