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Created: 1 May 2020, 15:27:06 EDT
Last updated: 10 June 2023, 04:00:54 EDT

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What does MYO mean?

"MYO" or "Make Your Own" slots allow you to create a design of a playable species.

Check here for owned MYO slots:

All MYO Slots My MYO Slots

Species Design Guides

The ARPG and species are still a work in progress so some information may be missing! Please feel free to ask questions if you are unsure of anything.

Browbirds Painted Satyr Kitbulls  
❗ MYO designs are not free to make while the ARPG and trait guides are a heavy work in progress. Please refer to the OBTAINING A MYO section below to find out how to obtain a slot.


sparkle.pngObtaining a MYO


You can purchase a common MYO slot item for Stargold. Stargold is primarily earned from doing drawing or writing prompts. Some prompts can be completed as gift art.

ONE TIME half-off slots
MYO Slot Shop Prompt List

free Raffles

Sometimes slots will be raffled off! They will be free to enter or require a prompt entry.

Winning a raffle grants you 1 Celestial Ticket to exchange for a common MYO of your choice.

Celestial Ticket Exchange

usd purchase

USD slots are only available during public sales which are announced through discord.

More information on slot prices can be found below!

Other ways...

You may discover that some rare items may have a small chance of dropping a MYO slot...

Other ways of obtaining slots are also planned for the future!


sparkle.pngGetting your design approved

❗ Design review and approval can take around 7-14 days per design. Review period will often take longer than 14 days during ARPG events, real life holidays, and weekends. If you're using a subtype item, WIP trait, or any trait without a fleshed out description/reference images you also may be subject to longer approval times upwards of 30+ days. We appreciate patience when submitting a design for review!

Why do reviews sometimes take a while? Ususally one of these reasons:
- We are not yet available to review it
- There are multiple other designs/submissions in queue before yours (these may also be taking a long time for any reason on this list)
- It requires more specific, in depth feedback from Corrin
- You are using a WIP item, trait, or subtype

★ Submitting a design

To submit a design you must own a MYO slot of the corresponding species. Select the slot you would like to use and click "Submit MYO Design".

You can also submit a WIP design if you would like us to do a full review of the design to let you know what would/wouldn't pass and then send it back to you! Please state in the comments of your request "WIP DESIGN please send back after review!"

❗ If you have purchased a slot for stargold or by exchanging a celestial ticket be sure to convert your MYO ticket item into a slot first or it will not show up in your slot list!

My MYO Slots My Pending Submissions My Inventory

★ Fill out the request

Fill out all information on the design creation request submission. Information on what each section is for is on the respective pages.
❗ REMEMBER to attach all trait items you wish to use at the time of submission and fill out the corresponding traits. Do not add any traits that are not included with the slot / not applicable with the attached items.

If you are unsure of any traits or details feel free to ask questions in the comments section! We may adjust the list of applied traits if we feel a different one of the same rarity is closer to what is depicted in the artwork.

Your items and slot will not be used up until the design is approved!
Once your request is submitted you CANNOT EDIT IT AGAIN unless it is sent back to you for edits. If you need us to send it back please let us know!

★ Then...

Once you have submitted all that's left to do is wait for a staff response!

❗ If you made a mistake in your submission you can request it be cancelled via discord at any time so that you may make corrections.
❗ If your MYO design is sent back to you for edits we will try to give a detailed response of what changes need to be made. You will keep your place in queue when resubmitting!


sparkle.pngmyo prices

❗ MYO slots are sometimes sold for USD for a limited time. When a MYO sale is active it will be announced on discord or in the site news. MYO slot sales help support the site and site updates!

★ Browbird


Standard - Any common traits

★ Painted Satyr


Standard - Any common traits

★ Kitbull


Standard +1 Mutation

★ Trait Prices

Traits can be purchased for USD at any time for PLATINUM MYO SLOTS ONLY. Traits cannot be purchased for gold slots or prize slots. If you would like to purchase traits for your MYO slot please contact Corrin on discord with a link to your slot.
❗ TRAITS CANNOT BE PURCHASED with USD after a design has been made official!

❗ YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY to add trait items to your MYO slot. Everything earned in the ARPG can be applied for free.

❗ FOR PAINTED SATYR: you do not have to pay to add the aspect that comes with their mask, it is free with the mask trait!
+1 Common Trait FREE
+1 Uncommon Trait $25
+1 Rare Trait $75
+1 Mythic Trait (LIMIT 1 per slot) $125
+ Hiros/Half-hiros subtype (browbird only) $150
+1 Mutation Trait (kitbull only) $10
+1 Peculiar Trait (kitbull only) $30
+ Common Aspect FREE
+ Uncommon Aspect $10
+ Rare Aspect $25
+ Mythic Aspect (LIMIT 1 per slot)
Halv, Ancient, Revenant, Astrean, Reverie, Grove form, grove traits, Feyblood, special traits, legendary traits, Trubull, Longbull, extra aspect slot These traits and subtypes are not currently available for purchase! They will have limited/cycling runs when their information is complete.


sparkle.pngDESIGN & MYO FAQ

❗ Everything else written here are only meant as rules for official character references submitted to the masterlist. Characters do not have to 100% resemble their official reference in prompts - the most important requirement is that they are recognizeable and are not drawn with traits they do not have. Get creative with your ideas for the world, lore, and magic! And you may do as you like for your own stories.

All designs should also follow the community guidelines!
★ Clothing, Armor, and Accessories

✅ You may freely design clothing, armor, and accessories of any style, color, and material. You are allowed to design these at any time and can have a variety of alternate outfits for your character.

✅ Outfitless references are OPTIONAL for the masterlist! UNLESS: If a trait with rarity would be covered up by clothing, please provide at least a simple ref of the trait and where it is! Ex: you have rare star markings on the design's arm - just provide a simple ref of the arm beside your main ref! Otherwise you can have full clothing on the masterlist

✅ If the face is covered by a mask or hair please provide a reference of the eyes and any other face traits even if common (such as long fangs)!

✅ If your design came with an outfit and no outfitless reference you can freely design what's under the clothes!

❌ Clothing, armor, and accessories cannot be enchanted, elemental, or used to mimic traits the character does not have. Armor cannot make the character invincible to all attacks, shirts cannot summon magical spectral wings, scarves cannot be magically on fire, a crown cannot levitate to mimic a halo. When using natural accessories like leaves or flowers, try to make them clearly accessories rather than appear as if they are growing on the character naturally.

While clothing is NOT required for the masterlist image, nudity is not allowed! This means anything showing OR implying nipples or genitalia will not be accepted. (Ie: Boobs (for painted satyr and trubulls) and muscles are okay, but nipples or anything past that will be turned down.) Please make sure all submissions- clothing or not- are FULLY SFW and not suggestive.

★ Weapons

✅ Your character may have any type of weapon of any type/size based in realism or fantasy.

✅ Weapons can be made out of any material

✅ Weapons can have very minor magical or elemental effects/minor glowing areas (EX: think like small glowing runes or embers at the tip of a blade). Max 25% the size/coverage of the entire weapon.

✅ Weapons can be used as a magical focus in prompts

✅ Certain aspects can be used to create temporary weapons or effects in prompts. Like shaping metal into a sword, stone into fist weapons, or blood into a small solid knife – these should be small. Aspects can also be used to control a weapon's shape or manipulate its position. These are temporary effects/enchantments!

❌ Weapons cannot be made out of an aspect or heavily elemental. So swords made of /entirely covered in fire, ice, ect will be turned down. This is a planned legendary quest trait for the future!

❌ Weapons should not be enchanted/have special abilities, or float on their own

❌ Weapons cannot be alive or have eyes/mouths

❌ Characters cannot turn into weapons

★ Enchanted Items

✅ Small simple enchanted items for fun or basic utility are fine for your character. This would be things like a bag of holding, endless teapot, or floating quill that writes as a character speaks. 

❌ Powerful enchantments, elemental effects, or anything that could be used to mimic a trait the character does not have will be turned down.

★ Injuries and Prosthetics

✅ You may add scars of any kind

✅ Your character can be missing limbs/eyes/teeth, have a docked tail, ect! (Docked tails would go off length rarity!)

✅ Blood/insides can be any color and multicolored without restriction

✅ You may add normal prosthetics arms or legs, robotic arms or legs, and simpler replacements such as a hook hand/peg leg. These can ONLY be applied to arms and legs. Metal, wood, and artificial materials are OK as long as it clearly is meant to be a prosthetic limb.

❌ Injuries on masterlist art should not be fresh/still bleeding or show bone and/or muscle/insides unless a trait specifies it

❌ Blood/insides should not glow or sparkle/be full of stars/be elemental unless the character has a trait that reflects that effect. Ie: if you have the sparkle trait the blood can ALSO sparkle. Elemental insides on browbirds would be specific to ancients. Satyr could have very minor elemental effects depending on their mask material.

❌ By default, prosthetics should be at least somewhat realistic and cannot be elemental, entirely made of plants/liquid, have glow, or otherwise mimic any trait the character does not have UNLESS they already have the trait. ie: glowing veins on cybernetic limbs is OK if you have glowing markings

Be careful with using designs that are translucent/glasslike, or resemble bone as these also may be turned down!

❌ Missing eyes should not resemble blank/solid-color eyes

★ Elemental Effects

❌ Elemental effects cannot be added to a character by default unless they have a trait that specifically allows for it.  "Elemental" refers to things like hair made of water, fire singed fur that's still burning, smoke flowing off the mane, ice forming on the horns, crystal claws, see-through body parts, and anything else along these lines. 

Some traits apply elemental effects, in this case they must match a character's aspect!

★ Obscured or Hidden Traits

✅ Traits can be obscured by clothing, hair, or other parts of the character. If a trait is hidden by clothing/hair please provide an additional reference of the hidden trait.

❌ Traits cannot be magically hidden unless it is stated so

★ Colors and Markings

✅ The colors of a character's body have no restriction

✅ Most markings are allowed. Including complex tattoo-like markings!

❌ Check the specific species info for information on rare and mythic marking appearances and how to obtain them. Stars, constellations, scales, runes/writing, crescent moons, sparkles, eyes, and glowing markings are rarity restricted for browbirds and painted satyr.

❌ Glowing markings on a browbird should always loosly match at least one crest color

❌ White, black, gray, and very dark/dull colors are not available to browbird crests at default as they are intended to glow in bright colors. Check crest info and rarity.

❌ Eyes should not have a white iris with black sclera together at the same time, but any other combination of colors including black sclera and white iris is fine. 

★ Shapeshifting

❌ Canon shapeshifting into other species/creatures is a planned feature in the future and is not yet available

★ Fur and Hair

✅ You can have any style, length, color, and texture of hair or fur. 

❌ Just keep it reasonable. If it's so ridiculously long where it'd hinder the character's movement and obscures more of the design it may not pass.

❌ Long hair on tails may not pass if it exceeds the tail's rarity max length. Same goes for fur placed in the tail area that tries to mimic a tail.

★ Using ARPG apparel and trinkets in your design

✅ You can incorporate ARPG apparel and trinkets in your design if you currently own the specific items.

❌ THIS WILL BIND THE ITEM TO THE CHARACTER PERMANENTLY, only they will be able to use the item and the item will be traded with the character if you rehome them. ONLY DO THIS if you are okay binding the item.

★ Sibling and Relative Designs

✅ You can create sibling or relative designs to designs you own or those of a friend's character if you have permission. 

❌ New designs cannot look identical to an existing design. Heavy similarities may also be turned down. Designs should always be able to stand on their own.

★ Designs based off other designs

✅ You can base your MYO off a character design you currently own if you have permission from the original designer and provide a credit link. It must always be explicitly clear which design it was based from. 

❌ Designs based off existing designs that look identical or share many similarities cannot be transferred separately. Doing so will result in a strike. 

❌ Please do NOT heavily based your MYO on an adoptable design you do not own.

★ Media Inspired Designs

✅ You can make designs inspired by media you enjoy.

❌ Designs inspired by media should not look identical to what you have been inspired by. It must still be able to stand as it's own character design-wise.

❌ You may not 'claim' a character from a piece of media. For example, if you make a design inspired by Naruto someone else may still make a different design inspired by the same character.

★ myo faq


✦ Can I sell or trade my MYO slot?
SLOTS on the slot masterlist cannot be traded or sold/rehomed at all. Please create the design first before rehoming!

✦ Can I sell or trade my gift/prize/raffle MYO slot or MYO design?
If it was obtained from a free raffle or gift you cannot trade or sell at all

✦ Can I sell or trade my GOLD MYO item?
If your slot is still an item in your inventory you may trade it for Celestial Seas ARPG items/currency/art/characters only. It cannot be traded/sold otherwise!

✦ I have a slot from before the switch over to the website and it's not on the MYO slot list, where is it?

To keep the number order correct on the masterlist, we uploaded your slot as a regular character. Please check your character list for your slot, it should have a ticket icon! When you complete your design, you must submit a design edit, you can do this from the character's page.

If you do not see the slot you own on the website in your name, please contact Corrin through discord!

✦ I don't have a website account and don't plan to make one, what do I do about my MYOs?
Unfortunately we are no longer doing approvals through other avenues. If you'd like your design approved you must make an account and submit it through the website.

✦ I didn't end up using a trait on my MYO, can I hold or transfer it?
No. Any unused traits attached to a slot will be gone for good. Traits cannot be transferred to another character or saved for later. Please only purchase traits you plan to use! (This does not include trait items!)

✦ Can someone else design my MYO for me?
Yes! Just make sure the artist is aware that sometimes you may be required to make changes if they do not line up with species guidelines and rarity.

✦ Do MYO slots expire if they aren't used?
Nope, there is no time limit to use your slot.

✦ Can I design my MYO for someone else and then trade it to that person?
This is fine as long as the design can be traded! You can see if a design is able to be traded by checking it's masterlist description. There is no cooldown on trading finished approved MYOs.

✦ Can I base my MYO off of another design I own?
Yes! We just ask that the designs are not traded separately from the original design if you borrow a lot of visual design aspects from it. 

✦ If I commissioned my MYO design, can I resell it for the commission price?
MYO slots cannot be sold for more than their listed price even if you paid someone to design them. This would also include vouchers. If there is no listed price on the masterlist they cannot be sold at all. Keep this in mind if you commission another artist!

✦ I need more help for my MYO, where can I go?
You are always free to ask specific trait and design questions in the discord! However we do not do full reviews over discord so please submit your request on the site if you'd like a full review.