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Subtypes: Standard, Trubull, Longbull
Kitbull and longbull traits are currently going through an overhaul and are a WIP. When designing or updating a kitbull please keep in mind that traits guidelines, requirements, and availability may change at any time! Thanks for the patience as I continue working on trait guides.

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By pure chance multiple powerful bursts of magical energy collide somewhere within the astral oceans be it from two powerful mages at war or a lucky celestial event.  All the conditions are perfect as the spells merge and twist around each other in a spectacular light show, sending out shockwaves through the atmosphere of a nearby planet. 

Through the resulting explosion a new life is brought forth into the world as the swirling arcane reaction tears a soul from the afterlife. At the epicenter of the opposing magical forces forms a small, blank kittle, and with arcane sparks still skipping from their fur they drift towards the world below like a falling star.

The following day the kitbull awakens at first light, and from there their calling begins. They do not yet understand who they are or why they are here, all they have is a strong feeling of what they must do next and that’s what drives them forward. 

Kitbulls are a work in progress species. Their traits may change as the species develops more! Please be aware of trait and rarity changes when designing a kitbull.
This page is a work in progress, thank you for the patience!


Kitbull Traits

★ Body

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Default Kitbull Anatomy

• Generally stand from 1'6" to 3'0" (46cm - 91.5cm), ears, horns, hair, can make them look a lot bigger!
• A short, round body
• A large head roughly around 30%-50% the size of the main body.
• Four short to medium length arms and legs
• 2 Large forward facing eyes
• 2 Ears
• 1 Tail
• Fur covering most of their body
• Three fingers on their hands with paw pads
• Stubby peg-like back feet with a defined area on the front and 1 pawpad on the back
Kitbulls have no color restrictions.
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They are also able to stand and walk upright!
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★ Eyes

Bright Light

Eye Styles

✅Colored sclera and black iris with a pupil that blends in are the most often seen, but eyes can have any color of sclera, iris, or pupil.
✅ They can be round or long vertical lines like shown.
✅ You can have defined eyelashes, they can be any color and asymmetrical.
✅ You can have a single more visible pupil, pupils can be different colors such as if your kitbull is blind in one eye or uses that eye to cast spells.
❌ Eye color, iris color, and pupil shape should be the same on both side

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Kitbull eyes are large and set on the front of their face.
Kitbull eyes can move, blink, and emote. They are very expressive with their eyes!



★ Arms/Hands

Kitbulls have three fingers on their hands. Their fingers are far more flexible than a browbird or painted satyr's, so a kitbull is able to grip things and interact with most everyday objects without much issue. Hands/arms can be any color and can blend in more with the surrounding fur. Fur can go all the way to where the hand begins.

★ Fur

✅ Kitbulls are covered in fur. Their fur can be short or long and can come in any texture.
✅ Kitbulls can also have hair and it can be styled any way you like!
❌ Kitbulls cannot be hairless, feathered, or scaled by default.

★ Ears

Ear Size

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This is the maximum size and length kitbull ears can be regardless of position without the use of a mutation crystal. Fluff cannot be used to extend ears past this limit.

Ear Styles

✅ Ears can be any style or shape, they do not have to be pointed!
✅ They are covered in fur and that fur can be long and fluffy or short and velvety, or anything in between!
✅ You can have 1 droopy ear,  ears with holes and nicks, and piercings. 
✅ One or both ears can be tattered but not completely missing.
❌ Ear style should not be asymmetrical.

You are not limited to the examples shown but they should give a good idea about what's possible.

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★ Tails

Tail size

18 by Browbird
This is the maximum allowed length and thickness for a default kitbull tail. Tail should not exceed roughly 2x the kitbull's total body length and should not be much thicker than the main body.

Tail Styles

✅ Kitbull tails can take on a variety of styles.
✅ Tails must be covered in fur.
✅ Tail fur can be long enough to drag the ground. Fur should not extend past the total tail size limit.
✅ Tails can be prehensile
❌ Kitbulls cannot be tailless by default.
❌ By default the tail cannot have thorns, shaped tips, or branched areas and should be a simple animal-like tail. Tails can be modified with some traits!
You are not limited to the examples shown but they should give a good idea about what's possible.
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Kitbull Type


There are three types of kitbulls: standard, which is detailed more in the anatomy section above, longbulls, and trubulls. Kitbulls can undergo special transformations if they accomplish certain feats in their life. 

★ Longbull

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Many kitbulls strongly believe in fate, the threads of which guide them on their callings. For some kitbulls they feel a faint connection to a powerful object tied to their destiny that exists somewhere out in the universe, or will come to exist in the future. They feel compelled to follow the draw of this object, and if they were to find that item they gain the ability to transform themself into a longbull at will when they keep the item on their person.

These destiny-bound items are known as omniculars, and they can be any type of object! While in longbull form the kitbull gains the power to change their size to be quite large, can fly freely even without wings, and are far more flexible.

However, if their omnicular were to ever break or be lost they would never be able to become a longbull again, so most would do what they could to keep the item safe.

It is also possible for an omnicular to not be an item at all. It could be a place, a person, or possibly even an inspiration or idea. 
Omniculars are available via Galstrod's Goods.
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Anatomy Differences

• Longbulls get a few special features and the ability to shift between their two forms!

• View all differences and features here (WIP)!



★ Additional Traits & Customization

Kitbulls have their own set of unique items separate from browbirds and painted satyr. Mutations modify the body and default anatomy in more natural ways, such as adding whiskers, wings, or giving them an extremely long tail. Peculiars apply more extreme and magical effects like adding flaming hair or extra limbs.

At this time previews of each trait are not available. Please use past designs using traits for examples until references are completed!


Mutations can be applied through the use of a Mutation Crystal item which can be purchased for 10✨ from Market Street . 1 Mutation crystal grants 1 mutation to the specified kitbull design. Some mutations can be applied multiple times. 


Available Mutations
✦ +1 Horn Set || Adds 1 set of horns to the kitbull's head
✦ Huge Tail || Allows the kitbull's tail(s) to be SUPER long
✦ +1 Tail || Adds another tail to the kitbull
✦ Odd Ears || Super long ears, totally mismatched ears, remove all ears, add 1 extra set of ears
✦ Wings || Adds 1 set wings to the kitbull's back area
✦ Claws || Adds super long claws to the kitbull's hands
✦ Spines || Adds spines to the body
✦ Whiskers/Antennae || Adds whiskers or antennae to the head 
✦ Odd Eyes || Adds shaped pupils, mismatched eyes, multiple pupils, or glowing eyes
✦ Sphynx || Makes the kitbull partially or entirely hairless. Flesh.


Peculiar traits can be applied through using a peculiar item that corresponds with the trait you want. Each peculiar has specific traits it can apply. Some peculiar traits will require specific aspects to use if they are elemental!
4-image.png6-image.png18-image.png23-image.png25-image.png26-image.png28-image.png36-image.png51-image.png 54-image.png60-image.png64-image.png

Special Traits and Others

These items grant 1 specific trait to a kitbull that can't be obtained through other items. 
38-image.png21-image.png56-image.png58-image.png 16-image.png34-image.png97-image.png98-image.png99-image.png

★ Aspect

Main Article: Aspects
• Each standard Kitbull has 1 aspect slot.
• Aspects can be common by default.
• Kitbulls do not have to have an aspect chosen upon creation to be approved. You can leave a Kitbull's aspect slot blank!
• Some peculiar traits will require specific aspects to use!

IMPORTANT: All standard Kitbulls and MYO slots have ONE aspect slot by default. Longbulls and trubulls will always have TWO by default.You can only add an extra aspect slot using a universe page item.

★ Clothing and Accessories

✅ Clothing, items, and accessories can be added for free without any traits! Please be sure to provide a reference without clothing to the masterlist when submitting a MYO or updated an image. 
✅ Small, simple enchanted items for fun or basic utility are fine for your character. This would be things like a bag of holding, endless teapot, or floating quill that writes as a character speaks. 

❌ Powerful enchantments, elemental effects (such as swords made of water or cloaks made of fire), or anything that could be used to mimic a trait the character does not have will be turned down.
❌ Any clothing or accessories given to a character should not heavily resemble items obtainable in game. 


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