⚡ Lustrum Talons

⚡ Lustrum Talons (★Special)

Category: Additional Traits
Species: Kitbull

❗ This trait can only be obtained if you have the specific item. Special traits cannot be swapped to other special traits.

❗ OKAY to pass to alt forms.

🌈 Can be applied to a kitbull using a Golden Clippers.

Trait: Changes the kitbull's arms or legs into bird-like talons.  
Size: Should not be much larger than the examples. Coverage cannot exceed the elbows or ankles, about halfway up the arm or leg.

✅ Can be applied to the front legs OR back legs, pick one per trait use
✅ Application can optionally be asymmetrical, IE: applying to just ONE hand or ONE food
✅ Can be smooth, covered in thin scales, or fluffy like owl toes
✅ Can be standard, raptor, or webbed feet
✅ Can  have 3-4 toes, there must always be a back talon regardless of toe count
✅ When applied to arms or legs it can also be optionally applied to any additional arm or leg limbs on the design without needed extra uses of the item.

❌ This trait replaces the hands/feet when used
❌ Each use of this trait only applies the trait to the arms or legs. To have both arms and legs you need to use the trait two times. This trait cannot be applied more than twice to one character.


Lustrum Talons

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