⚡ Lustrum Talons

⚡ Lustrum Talons (Special)

Species: Kitbull

🌈 Can be applied to a kitbull using a Golden Clippers.
This trait can only be obtained through this item. 
Special traits cannot be swapped for other special traits.

Trait: Changes the kitbull's arms or legs into bird-like talons.  
Size: Should not be much larger than given examples. 

✅ This item can be used on a single design up to two times, once for the front legs and once for the back legs.
✅ Can be smooth, scaled, or fluffy (like owl toes.)
✅ Can be standard, raptor, or webbed
✅ Can  have 3-4 toes. Can be regular like the example or more similar to parrot feet
✅ When applied to arms or legs it can also be optionally applied to any additional arm or leg limbs on the design without needed extra uses of the item.
✅ Does not have to be asymmetrical. Can be applied to the limb on one side or both.

❌ This trait replaces the normal arms or legs.
❌ Each use of this trait only applies the trait to the arms or legs. To have both arms and legs you need to use the trait two times. This trait cannot be applied more than twice to one character.

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