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Created: 24 January 2021, 17:03:57 EST
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Welcome to Celestial Seas! 

Celestial Seas is both a community of creators and the name of a high fantasy/sci-fi ARPG surrounding the Celestial Seas species! We welcome artists and writers of all skill levels to join us in expanding the lore of the Celestial Seas universe. Anyone can join up and participate!

The ARPG is an entirely optional bonus to Celestial Seas. You are allowed to simply enjoy collecting characters and creating artwork with the community or in private!

We do recommend participating however, as it will allow you to modify your characters, collect all kinds of items, enter certain raffles, and even earn MYO slots that allow you to create a new design of your own.

Our species are browbirds, kitbulls, and painted satyr.

Currently the website and much of our info is a heavy work in progress, so bare with us as we continue to work on improving it!


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Kitbull by BrowbirdKitbull by BrowbirdKitbull by Browbird

What if I don't have a Celestial Seas character?

You do not need a character to sign up or participate. You are able to earn currency and items through gift art or using a community character. Community characters are special NPCs you can make stories for and use until you have a character of your own!

There are many ways to get a character if you don't have one, and we will continue adding in more options to make getting a design a little easier as time goes on.

✦ Enter free raffles
During events we often hold free raffles for designs and MYO slots. These can often be entered just by having an account here, though some raffles may require participation in certain prompts. Details on how to enter will be posted alongside the events.

✦ Purchase one with game currency
By participating in the ARPG you will earn stargold. This currency can be exchanged for many things, including a MYO slot at specialty supply. You can purchase a MYO of each species for half price one time.

✦ Other Ways
Designs are sold for $USD on the AgentCorrina deviantArt and toyhouse account, additionally MYOs are sold monthly in small numbers on the AgentCorrina patreon. You may also be able to find someone reselling or trading an existing design here or offsite.

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Common Terms

There are some terms thrown around on the site that some newcomers may be unfamiliar with!

✦ MYO slot - "Make your own" slot. This is an item that allows you to design a character and have it officially added to the website. 

✦ ARPG - "Art Roleplay Game". This refers to the system of character development and art rewarding items, currency, and progress in a game-like fashion. 

✦ Trait - Refers to a feature on a character that can be modified in a variety of ways. Such as their tail or horns. 

✦ C-S - A common abbreviation of Celestial-Seas. Not to be confused with CS which simply refers to closed species as a whole.

✦ Aspect - These are powers each design has in-character! They cover a wide range of elements. They are mainly used for story and prompt purposes, but will have more applications later.

✦ Non-Owner - Anyone who does not currently have a browbird, kitbull, or painted satyr.

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★ Step 1: Starter Gift


So you've signed up to Celestial Seas... First thing you should do is pick up your free starter gift! You can claim it by selecting the gift and purchasing it, it's free so don't worry about money.

Occasionally other bonus gifts will be added during certain events, do be sure to grab those too if any are available!

Free Gifts

Once you have your gift, go to your inventory to open it.
You can open a gift by selecting it in your inventory, then checking the check box next to the one you want to open. After that click "open" and it will grant you some useful stuff.

What's in the gift?


• +10 Stargold - This is the main currency used to buy most items!
• +1 Celestial Shard - This is special participation currency. It's used to purchase extremely rare items.
• +1 Appearance Change - This item allows you to make trait edits and/or add common traits to an existing character.

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★ Step 2: Where to begin

If you want to get started earning currency and items right away... Try out one of these!


Wisher's Well

Draw or write a small gift art piece for another user to earn a small set amount of currency. Quick and simple. Can be done once a week!


Crafting Quests

Draw or write pieces involving your own character OR a community character about their job and what they can create! Completing this your first time unlocks the ability to send crafting requests. We highly recommend unlocking crafting, as it will allow you to get tons of useful and rare items as time goes on.

Hold it!  Crafting quests use the standard Stargold Payouts, which means you get more currency for larger works! Payouts can be a lot of information to take in at once, so take your time and ask questions if you have any.

We also occasionally hold events, which can be a great way for non-owners to save up for a MYO slot and earn some traits! Check the news or discord to see if any events are currently live. The Wisher's Well, Events, and Crafting quests are the only current way for a non-owner to get stargold. More ways will be added in the future!

Note: While the Wisher's Well and Events can be done solely with gift art, crafting quests can ONLY be completed with Community Characters if you don't have a design of your own.

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★ Step 3: More Stuff!

We also have a few other features you can check out!



When you have a character of your own you can complete several character-building quests that delve into their life and backstory. These will earn you trait items and currency. They can be done once per character and have no time limit. They can only be completed for a character you own!



Once you complete your crafting quests you can start crafting items if you have the required materials. Sometimes new recipes are added too!



Head over to the shopping district and check out some of the shops available! You can spend your hard earned stargold here.


Trade Listings

Browse trade listings for items, characters, and more! You can offer your own currency, items, or Celestial Seas art to trade!


MYO Info

Find out everything there is to know about MYO slots!


Design Change Salon

Have a design you want to change? This is the place to go!

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★ Step 4: Community and Extra!

Here are some other places to check out!

Discord Lorebook (WIP) FAQ

While not required, a HUGE part of Celestial Seas is being a part of the community and talking with others about your characters, art, stories, and interests. Consider joining our discord where you can do all of those things with the added bonus of ingame rewards!

Discord is also great if you want to keep up to date on all site updates, all design sales, or need a quick way to reach out to staff with any questions, feel free to pop in and ask us something if you need any help.

Thanks for reading everything, we hope you have a good time here! There's a lot of smaller things not covered in depth in this guide, so poke around and see what you find!

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