⚡ Wisps

⚡ Wisps (Mythic)

🌈 Can be applied to a browbird or painted satyr using a Mythic Trait Potion

Trait: Adds small wisps of magic that surround the browbird or painted satyr.
Size: Wisps should remain very small and cannot be larger than the examples shown.

✅ Can be any small, simplistic shape
✅ Can be solid, translucent, or outlines of a shape
✅ Can float anywhere around the body
✅ Can be any color
✅ Can optionally glow or have a glowing outline. If placed on a browbird the glow should roughly match at least one color on a browbird's crest
✅ Different shapes can be used at the same time
✅ Wisps can can flicker, move slightly around the character, slightly animate, and shift in shape!

❌ Should be very small
❌ Cannot resemble sparkles
❌ Cannot intersect or merge with the crest or other traits
❌ Cannot be placed to mimic a browbird's crest or float around a crest
❌ Cannot directly be attached to the body, they should float above/around the body
❌ Cannot form rings or clusters around the body or other traits. Should be spaced out and float somewhat randomly
❌ Cannot obstruct other traits (EX: clustered to totally cover a characters eye)

Possible simple wisp shapes:
Flames, embers, orbs, butterflies, fireflies, dragonflies, birds, swirls, eyes, stars, constellations, clouds, squares, triangles, circles, bubbles, fish, petals, leaves, hearts, drips, diamonds, flowers, or any other small simple shape


Wisp1 by BrowbirdWisp4 by BrowbirdWisp3 by BrowbirdWisp2 by Browbird

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