⚡ Rune String Markings

⚡ Rune String Markings (Rare)




Adds a string of small runes to the browbird, painted satyr, or kitbull.

Runes can be a free ring, or contained between lines. 

The runes and any lines that contain them can optionally glow. The glow should be similar to at least one color from the crest.

Can cover up to 10%-15% of a design. It can connect to itself but should not form a circle. Can be asymmetrical or mirrored on both sides of the body. You can have multiple strings in different areas as long as it does not go over coverage limits. 

You can decide what letters you want on the string, as well as the exact style you'd wish for it to look. Runic strings like this are applied, and are not something a browbird is born with.

Rune String by Browbird

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