Painted Satyr

Painted Satyr

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This section is a WIP. Please ask questions if you have any!

Painted satyr are a work in progress species. Their traits may change as the species develops more! Please be aware of trait and rarity changes when designing a painted satyr.

Painted satyr are entities akin to fairies who originate from places in nature that can sustain even the smallest trace of plant life. This could be anywhere from dense forests, to sparse deserts wastes with hidden flora, to the bottom of the deepest oceans. Their features and body colors depend on the place they are born, and what they are created from be it carved from stone, sculpted from soil, grown from a seed, or revived from the flesh of the long dead.

Painted Satyr Traits


Main Article: Aspects
• Each standard painted satyr has 1 free aspect that matches their mask, and 1 empty aspect slot
• The aspect slot can be filled with a common aspect by default
• Aspects cannot be changed later.
• For your design to be approved you must fill in at least the mask aspect. You add the aspect like you would any other trait during the approval process.

Aspects determine the painted satyr's magical abilities. They are primarily used for roleplay and in-character story interactions. They do not affect the physical features of most designs (See types for more info). Choose the aspects that you feel best suit your character's theme and story! 

If your painted satyr has a particular aspect, if there is ever a prompt revolving around using that aspect you must clearly show them using it. They cannot use aspects that they do not have. 

IMPORTANT: All standard painted satyr and MYO slots have TWO aspect slots by default. You can only add an extra empty slot using a universe page item.


There are two types of painted satyr. Standard and Feyblood. Almost all designs will be considered standard. Feyblood satyr have access to several extra traits in addition to the standard traits.

Physical Traits

These are the required traits for every painted satyr.

Mask counts as only 1 trait total!
Natural Mask (Common)
Odd Mask (Uncommon)
Magical Mask (Rare)
Myth Mask (Mythic)

Horns - Anatomy Info

Common Branch Tail (Common)
Moderate Branch Tail (Uncommon)
Complex Branch Tail (Rare)
Myth Branch (Mythic)

Required on the tail, horns, and hooves!
Patch placements count as only 1 trait total.
You can place as many patches as you want of the same or lower rarity at no additional trait cost.
Common Patches
Uncommon Patches
Rare Patches


Additional Traits & Customization

These are extra traits that can be added on and add extra features to the design or modify existing traits. It can include things such as eye variants, rare markings, and various face details.


Available but needs preview images:
Faux Wings (Common)
Clouded Eye (Common)
Reversal Eyes (Common)
Mismatched Eyes (Rare)
Glamour Pupils (Rare)
Glowing Markings (Mythic)
Runic Circle (Mythic)
Spell Sleeve (Mythic)

Painted Satyr Exclusives:
Tail Spade (Common)
Mask Carvings (Uncommon)
Asymmetrical Patches (Uncommon)
Flashy Patches (Uncommon)
Odd Patches (Rare)
Cracked Mask (Rare)
Briarthorn (Rare)
Missing Sense (Mythic)
Partially Missing Mask (Mythic)

Flora Traits:
Painted satyr sometimes grow plants on their bodies or branches. Flora are optional additional traits. 

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing, items, and accessories can be added for free without any traits! These addons should not be enchanted or elemental, or resemble items obtained through the game at default.  


✦ Painted satyrs have a wild variety of cultures, customs, and beliefs due to them being very widespread throughout the universe. There is no set background or upbringing a painted satyr has to follow.

✦ One of the only ideals that many satyrs have in common is; a belief that the natural world, plants, and animals are important and should be protected and respected.

✦ Many satyr are down to earth, and prefer life away from bustling cities and new technology, and will instead live off the land. However, this doesn't mean that is the only way a satyr would live. There are tons of satyrs that explore the stars, or make their homes in towns and cities!

✦ Those who choose to live very far from their original homes in places very drastically different from their original habitat will often bring a "piece" of that home with them and may occasionally visit. This piece could be something like a potted plant from home, a pet common to where they're from, stones from the earth around their home, to name a few examples!

✦ If a satyr were to spend a lot of time around another satyr, usually in a romantic sense, they may start to sprout the flora from that important person on their own body as well. You may occasionally get flowers in your partner's color and such!

✦ Some painted satyr hibernate for certain seasons.

✦ Painted satyr live for about 300 - 600 years on average.


✦ Fruits, vegetables, plants, nuts, seeds and natural things. Sweet or sour tend to be the most popular flavor preferences. They can eat meat, but generally prefer to avoid heartier foods and flavors.

✦ Painted satyr can also live for several weeks without eating, relying solely on a natural energy source and water. For some satyrs this could be sunlight, for others it is moonlight, and some would prefer the natural magical energy surrounding them! They can absorb this light or magical energy through their patches, so it's rare for a satyr to cover all of their patch areas.

What are Painted Satyr?

✦ Painted satyr are part of the Dreamfey classification, they are similar to fairies. They take the shape of bipedal deer or goat-like creatures in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Their ancestors originate from the dreamscape and crossed over to the surface several thousand years ago.

✦ A long time ago, the grand god of nature and grand god of the hunt came together to create the original 100 painted satyr. These first divine children were then given a paradise to call home within the dreamscape, an endless shifting forest dreamed up by the nature god. Over time their population grew, and the species branched out to inhabit places all across the dream world.

✦ When a bridge opened from the dreamscape to the surface, a large population of satyr migrated over, curious about the new world that has opened to them. From there, they gradually branched out to find planets all across the stars to build new homes and societies for themselves.

How are they born?

✦ Through direct creation by the grand nature god
✦ If a mask were to be hand carved and painted with intense dedication, and then placed over the face of a fallen humanoid who is then buried in a powerful nature location, they can sometimes revive as a regular painted satyr. They would have no memories of who they once were.
✦ It is possible to "build" a satyr baby out of clay, dirt, leaves, and other natural materials and bring them to life with a mask carved with dedication. Satyr created this way have the closest connection to their natural homes and will be very attached and protective of it.
✦ Two painted satyr can have a baby together and become parents.
✦ A painted satyr and some other humanoid species can have a baby together as well!
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