Space Antennae (Uncommon)

🌈 Can be applied using a Space Jam.




Can be added to any species! This is a unique variant of antenna unique to the Space Jam item.

✦ This trait is counts as an additional trait and does not replace other traits

✦ Each use of the item only adds one set of antennae, to have multiple sets you will need multiple items

✦ This trait can be placed anywhere on the head, such as from the eyebrows, behind the ears, or the top of the head.

✦ You can add one antenna (in the case of the character missing one), or make the pair asymmetrical if you want! 

✦ Space Antennae at minimum must be 3 links long, and their maximum length can be as long as the character's entire body.

✦ This trait takes the form of a chain of the same shape. The examples shown are not the limits of the trait. The possible shapes you are able to use are symmetrical simple shapes such as diamonds, squares, hears, twinkles, and 5-point stars and 6-point stars. 

Space Anetnnae by Browbird

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