⚡ Raptor Feet

⚡ Raptor Feet (Uncommon)

Species: Browbird

🌈 Can be applied to a browbird using an Uncommon Trait Potion.

Trait: Modifies the feet to have large sickle-shaped talons/super long talons, and optionally slightly modified foot anatomy.
Size: Only affects feet. Claws affected by raptor talons should be at least 1x toe length and can be up to 2x toe length each proportional to the foot.

✅ Application can be asymmetrical, such as only applying the trait to one foot or applying it differently per foot.
✅ Only ONE main long claw is required, additional claws are optional
✅ Sickle shape can be modified as long as it follows a similar arc (can be more angular)
✅ Raptor claws can be affected by Reflective Accents, glow, and other modifier traits that affect nails if the design also has those traits
✅ Claws can be much thicker. Thick claws can be affected by horn engraving

❌ If modifying the foot you must still keep all 4 toes touching the ground. The inner toe and back toe can be slightly raised like the examples but not further than shown.

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