⚡ Aspect Mastery: Spirit (Ancient)

Species: Browbird (Ancient subtype)

For browbirds who fully dedicate themselves to learning magic, they will eventually achieve complete mastery of one of their aspects. When they obtain mastery of an aspect, that aspect will affect their body in some way.

Trait: The Spirit branch of aspect mastery replaces the browbird's hair, the tip of their tail, or parts of their fur entirely with an aspect. It is often centralized in specific locations, and does not overtake the entire body. 

To have one of these mastery traits, your browbird must also have the corresponding aspect.

Each different aspect counts as a separate aspect mastery traits. However, using multiple variants within the same aspect will only count as one aspect mastery trait.

★ Aspects affected by Spirit Mastery
  • Fire 
    Transforms the browbird's hair, parts of their fur, or alights the tip of their tail with bright, blazing fire or allows them to be singed and permanently burning like hot embers. Fire can be any color, and does not have to appear as traditional flame colors. 

  • Water
    The browbirds hair becomes water that flows around their head or form. It can have powerful waves or be calm and still. The water hair can be any length. Sometimes small sea creatures may make their home in the depths of these watery locks.

  • Frost
    The browbird's hair becomes icy spears or tipped with permanent frost. The fur as well can have hanging icicles that always seem to reform. Ice crystal manes and tail tips are also possible.

  • Wind
    The browbirds hair, mane, or the tip of their tail become made of clouds or smoke. It can be puffy and soft, or twisting like hard wind. A mane like a swirling hurricane can sometimes be seen as well. Often times a wind ancient will find things getting caught in their stormy mane!

  • Wood
    Leaves, flowers, and even entire branches can sprout from the browbird's fur. Their tail fluff and hair can also be made out of lush greenery or moss.

  • Stone
    The hair of the browbird can be replaced with jagged stone, or their fur with a wispy sandstorm. Sometimes stones will grow from their fur in clustered areas. Often times, the stones that grow will be lightly covered in moss, or have streaks of color like a canyon.

  • Crystal
    Crystals grow rather than hair, neck fur, or tail fluff or sprout up in clusters on the body. These crystals can be see-through like glass, transparent, or a solid color, and can mimic any gemstone.

  • Arcane
    The browbird's hair and areas of their fluff take on a sparkling multicolored arcane energy that glows brightly and radiates magical energies. 

  • Metal
    The browbird's hair or large amounts of their fur and markings can be entirely made of reflective metallic material.

  • Lightning
    The browbird's hair and fur become crackling with electricity that sparks over their body. Glowing lightning-shaped cracks appear over their body.

  • Light
    The hair or parts of the fur will be entirely made of radiant light that casts sunbeams. Wisps of light flowing from it are also possible.

  • Shadows
    The hair and parts of the fur are made of the darkest shadows that trail behind the character and fade away from the browbird's form. Shadows can be more liquid-like, or appear somewhat like smoke. You could run your hand through it, like it's not even there.

  • Astral
    The browbird's hair or parts of their fur are made of dark skies lit up with stars or swirling galaxies. Tons of sparkles are stars are to be expected!

  • Blood
    The hair is made of dripping blood that often streaks through the character's fur as well, staining it the same color. Thorns of blood can form on the browbird's fur as well.

  • Bone
    Bone plating will form from the browbird's fur and will cover parts of their body, often on the back, chest, and face. The plates can have spikes.

  • Illusions
    The hair and tips of the browbird's fir become ghost-like and can be see through with an optional wispy effect!
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