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Hold it! This is a feature exclusive to painted satyr. If you're character is a browbird  or kitbull you can skip this section!

Painted satyr patches are areas of soft, plant-like material that that is covered in a fine texture that makes it quite soft. The stripes and colors revealed in patches indicate the patterns and colors that run over and through their entire body. The stripes resemble the striped trees within the forest the first satyr were born in long ago and at the loss of horn or limb a satyr will show their stripes rings all the way through. Injuries such as this can even result what was lost possibly growing back in a new color and entirely covered in patch even if it was formerly a furred area!
Through patches painted satyr are able to take in energy from various sources. Their tree-like horns take in sunlight, moonlight, or starlight. Their hooves take in energy from the earth they touch. Their tail exists as a free root that takes in energies from the natural auras that flow throughout the living universe. Body patches can do often do such things as well along with being used to gather energy in other ways depending on the person! It is in this way that satyr are able to create energy from their surroundings, allowing them their long lifespans and the option of only having to eat food sparingly.
It is said that the shape of the patches and where they appear can say a lot about someone. What that means is up to you, however.
Patch rarity stacks and only counts as 1 trait total.
You may choose any available feature of the same or lower rarity.
You only have to include the highest rarity on the masterlist entry.

Patch Coverage

Patches MUST cover the horns, hooves, and at least half the tail and all branch areas. These patches cannot be removed!

Patch coverage allowance is determined by the trait rarity. Patches can never cover flora, hair or eyes but can cover most other parts as the rarity increases! The % used when determining patch rarity is often rough, please try to avoid the cusp as it may get the design rejected if it's determined to be high coverage!

Aside from the face, ears, and tongue, any spot on the main body can have a patch! If you place patches on the back or a place otherwise not easily visible please be sure to provide a reference when submitting your design.

Patch Coverage by Browbird

✦ Patch Shape

Patches at a baseline can take on any simple symmetrical shape. At the uncommon tier they can move on to asymmetrical. The only shapes not available by default are stars and moons, which only require the corresponding marking item to apply.

Patch Shapes by Browbird

✦ Patch Patterns, Color, and Markings

Patches can be any color by default with gradients, solid colors, and alternating colors. However, to have splotchy colors and randomly placed colors it will be uncommon. 

Common Patches2 by BrowbirdUncommon Patches2 by Browbird

✦ Elemental Patches

To have patches with elemental effects or entirely made of a solid non-standard material (such as glass) it would classify as a feyblood trait. Feyblood traits are not yet openly available and are presently only available on certain auctions!


Patch Traits

Patch traits stack! The rarity of the trait is determined by the rarest feature present. If you have rare patches you can have as many rare, uncommon, and common patch traits from this list.

You can see more details patch traits and their rarity below.


Hybrid Traits

Hybrid Patch Traits

To have patches with the following features you will need specific items. These features are not separate traits and require no extra traits or items.  They are only a bonus possibility when applying the trait listed.
These can be applied regardless of base patch rarity. Example: You don't need uncommon asymmetrical patches to apply the moon shaped patch since you are using a rare item.
Rare Patches Alt2 by BrowbirdRare Patches Alt by Browbird

Scales allow the body and patches to have scales applied. Up to 50% of the entire design can be covered in scales. This can be applied with a Scale Brew or Rare Trait Potion.
Star Markings allow the patches to be shaped like stars or to have star markings on them. You can also apply both at once and you will only need a Starcandy Soda or Rare Trait Potion
Constellation markings allow constellations to be added to the patches. You only need a Rare Trait Potion to apply it.
✦ Runic markings allow runes to be added to to patches. These can only cover up to 50% of the entire design!
Moon Markings allow the patches to be shaped like crescent moons or to have crescent moons on them. You can also apply both at once and you will only need a Moonlit Shine or Rare Trait Potion
Eye markings allow the patches to have eye symbols added to them. You only need a Potion of Eyes or Rare Trait Potion.
✦  Patches themselves can only glow or partially glow if you have the glowing markings trait which can be added with the Latte of Light or a Mythic Trait Potion.


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