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❗ Design review and approval can take around 7-14 days per design. It can take longer (30+ days) during ARPG events, real life holidays, and other offline obligations or emergencies. Thank you for your patience!

❗ Design submissions have a 7 DAY COOLDOWN shared with MYOs for all browbirds/painted satyr/kitbulls. Please wait 7 days between submissions!

Why do reviews sometimes take a while? Ususally one of these reasons:
- Staff is not available to review it
- It requires more specific, in depth feedback
- You are using a WIP item, trait, or subtype


If you'd like a full review of your design before submitting officially, please write in the comments section "WIP SEND BACK AFTER REVIEW".
FOR FINALS: The art submitted must be full color, full body, and show all listed traits.
Unofficial designs/edits can't be traded or sold as the official version!
YOUR DESIGN MAY BE SENT BACK - please be aware if you submit a final you may have to make edits and resubmit.

★ Universal EDITING Guidelines

Browbird crest SHAPES (the main shape) cannot be changed*
Painted Satyr mask materials cannot be changed*
Species cannot be changed**
Subtypes cannot be swapped
Special and legendary traits cannot be swapped
If you add a trait through an ITEM it cannot be swapped at all. If it can't be swapped it is marked with "✦" on the character's trait list.

  • EX: if you use a rare trait potion to add star markings, you can't swap it to a rare tail later.
  • You can still swap rare horns to different rare horns, or flora to different rare flora for example.
  • This is only for ITEMS if the character came with the trait ot can be swapped to anything of the same rarity.

*Planned but not added yet!
**Alt forms of different Celestial Seas species planned!


This section is for:
  • Editing a subtype
  • Adding a subtype
  • Adding a subtype alt form


How to submit

To start a design update request, go to your character's page. On the left sidebar at the very bottom of the list is an option to update the design.




This creates a request DRAFT. Fill out each section to the best of your ability and hit SAVE to save your changes.

  • COMMENTS: List out ALL CHANGES you are making so we can double check them. You can also include other info or questions in this section.

  • MASTERLIST IMAGE: Upload your new image! Try to keep it 2MB or lower. Larger sizes are allowed but may break or not upload properly!

  • ADDONS: Attach all items you are using here! Designs will stay attached to it unless the update is cancelled. All items are one time use.

  • TRAITS: Fill out all traits currently on the design INCLUDING any new ones you are adding.
    • Do not include ant traits with the "default" rarity.
    • If you are adding a trait with an item please include which item in the "extra info" section next to the trait.


Sparkle by BrowbirdGeneral EditsSparkle by Browbird

Original Design

Sparkle by Browbird Free Changes

These are changes you can make without using any items, all you have to do is submit the updated artwork!

✅ The goal of free edits is to keep all the core aspects of the design the same while making minor tweaks to give them your own personal flair.

You cannot stack multiple small color/marking edits over time to eventually create a whole new design. ALL EDITS are considered branching off from the original design, not from the current design. 


• Changing the character's name and editing their profile (you may do so from their character page)
• Changing body type
• Changing gender
• Adding small scars on ~10% or less of the design
• Very minor accent markings, such as a mole, eyeliner, or freckles on the face
• Dressing them in different outfits


You can make as many of these updates as you want.

  • Swapping to a different set of horns or tail within the same rarity
  • Adding or modifying the colors and markings on the main body by up to ~10% total across the entire design. This excludes hair/eyes/claws/some accent areas.
  • Changing crest color
  • Changing hair color/length/style
  • Changing default traits (standard ears, standard eyes, standard claws)
  • Removing a trait
  • Changing flora type (for satyrs, kitbulls, and ancient browbirds)
  • Changing glamour eyes or odd eyes to a different shape
  • Changing coverage or size of a trait
    • EX: increasing the amount of star markings or flower flora.
    • This also includes editing elemental coverage IE: if just 1 hand hand is elemental you can extend it to cover both arms, but not move it to another body part.
    • You can also change the size of a trait, like making dragon whiskers longer as long as it's within size allowances.
    • You can move around flora, additional trait markings, head addons (like antennae)
  • If your design did not come with a no-outfit version you can design what's under the clothing.
  • Reverting to a past version of the design (Unless reincarnated)


Free Changes



Color Edit Guidelines
Yellow (Striped Areas)

Can be changed to ANY COLOR.

  • This includes: hair, eyes, mouth, teeth, crest, nails, and very small amounts of markings.
  • Additional trait markings (IE: star markings, eye markings, etc) can have their color changed.
  • Satyr flora color can be changed
Red (Checker Areas)

Can be changed to OTHER PALETTE COLORS.

  • This includes: Parts of the face, hands, tail tip, feet/hooves, horns, and non-marking additional traits.
Blue (Spotted Areas)

These colors and markings should stay ~90%-100% the same. Only very small adjustments are allowed with free edits.

  • This includes: the entire main body, limbs, tail, and wings.
  • Satyr patches placed on the main body are considered main body colors



Trait Items

  • List of all trait items HERE.
  • Mutations and peculiars can only be used on kitbulls.
  • Traits added with items CANNOT be swapped to other traits in future edits

✦ How do you get trait items?

  • Trait items can be gained through participating in the ARPG through certain shops and as rewards for completing quests and events.



7-image.pngAppearance Change

  • ONE TICKET PER SUBMISSION - You only need one to make multiple edits to a design.
  • You can get x1 ticket for free with the free welcome gift!
  • Additional tickets can be purchased for ✨3 stargold at the Specialty Supply.


  • Adding as many common traits as you want
  • Swapping traits to a different trait of the same rarity.
    • EX: You can swap rare horns to common, then apply rare star markings
    • You can also drop rarity such as changing a rare trait to uncommon trait. This applies to common, uncommon, rare, and mythic ONLY.
    • Special, legendary, grove, and subtype traits cannot have their rarity dropped, only removed.
    • Traits added with items can't be swapped

  • Adding or removing a crest effect with the same or lower rarity
    • Cannot drop crest rarity

  • Completely changing the placement of additional traits outside of their area of effect - excluding markings/head addons/flora
    • EX: moving hiros body wings from the legs to the head, moving body spikes off the arms to the back, changing exposed bone to be the face instead of leg
  • Swapping a kitbull's peculiar trait to a different trait allowed by the same peculiar
  • Changing a kitbull's mutation to a different mutation
  • Adding or removing the main set of hiros backwings to a hiros/half-hiros
  • Changing elemental effects to a different aspect on an ancient or feyblood
  • Changing elemental effect placement to an entirely different area not currently affected by the element
    • This would require removing it from the previous spot. EX: switching elemental arms to elemental hair


Free by Browbird


Here is an example of a design that has had a change ticket used on it

Ticket Changes

✦ What was changed on this design with the ticket?

• Swapped uncommon tail for uncommon horns
• Removed rare markings to add a rare tail
• Changed position and style of head feathers
• Changed the crest effect from blazing to radiance
• Added common whiskers
• Added common flair



24-image.pngSparkle by Browbird Dye Kit

• Allows colors and markings to be edited in a wider range
• It can be purchased at Specialty Supply for ✨15.
• You can do any and all of the following with 1 dye kit use:

  • Add a new color that covers up to 30% of the main body
  • Shift some or all main body colors by up to 30% total (IE: if you max shift the hue by 30%, you can't also shift the darkness by 30%. But you can do hue and darkness by 15% each) (NOTE: 30% in most prgrames is around 10% in procreate!)
  • Change accent colors to ANY OTHER COLOR. Accents include: face, horns, tail tip, feet, hands
  • Move around all colors on the main body palate and place them elsewhere
  • Adjust markings as long as they vaguely resemble the original (EX: changing hard stripes to wispy stripe-like clouds)
  • Add entirely new markings as long as some old markings stay in tact

Please note: DYE KITS DO NOT ENTIRELY 100% REWORK MARKINGS/COLORS. The design should still resemble the original. Do not use this item in hopes of entirely overhauling a design.

Edits are considered by how far they stary from the ORIGINAL DESIGN. You cannot stack multiple dye kits to further push color edits!

If you want to edit an older design to an entirely new palette and markings you should try reincarnation instead!

✦ What color edits can be made with a dye kit?

Color Edit Guidelines 2

Yellow (Striped) Areas

These areas are minor accents that can be changed to any color even without a dye kit!

• Crests must still retain their rarity when editing colors!
•  Minor accents include: hair, eyes, mouth, teeth, crest, nails, flora traits, additional trait markings

Red (Checker) Areas

•  The dye kit lets you change these areas to any color
•  Accents include: face, hands, tail tip, horns, feet, addon traits (face feathers, body spines, fins, elemental traits, etc)

Blue (Spotted) Areas

•  The dye kit lets you adjust these colors, but not entirely change them
•  Base colors include: main body, limbs, wings, tail


The following are examples of dye kits being used on a design!

Original Design


Changing main body color

The main body color can be made darker, lighter, more or less saturated, or pushed to be colder or warmer by up to a total of 30% combined.

Main Body


Changing markings

Markings can be edited but should vaguely resemble the original markings. You can also mix in entirely new markings.



Other color and marking edits

For color edits, try to keep the base colors mostly in tact! Here are some examples.

In order from left to right:
1. Maximum amount of new color added /changed that is added only to accet areas
2. Maximum amount of color from main body removed (dark brown)
3. New marking added, can be any color. Covers UP TO roughly 30% of the design.

Other Colors


Advanced Editing

The following items are for more specialized edits. If you are unsure if you need one of these items please send in a WIP design or concept with your questions!




Purchased for 100✨SG at the Specialty Supply.

• Allows you to entirely overhaul all the markings and colors of certain designs.
• Traits become raw rarities that can be swapped to other traits.
• Any traits added with items can only be the same trait or removed
• Special and legendary traits can only be the same trait or removed
• Anomalies and Augment traits are lost
• Crest shape/mask material, and aspects must stay the same.
• Read item description for more info!

Temporal Reversal


Purchased for 75✨SG at the Specialty Supply.

• Reverses a reincarnation and sets a design back to it's original state, allowing the design to be reincarnated again
• Reincarnated design can be switched back to with another copy of this item
• Read item description for more info!

New Story


Purchased for 20✨SG at the Specialty Supply.

You can also get 1 free copy once per person at FREE GIFTS.

• Resets some or all quest progress on a character
• This allows 1-time quests to be completed again for SG/item rewards. Check character description to see completed quests!
• ONLY affects once-per-character quests (Crafting, grove quest, etc)
• If the quest granted additional benefits/alt form (EX: grove quest grove form) you cannot gain those benefits again unless you also remove the alt form. You can keep this alt form and still redo the quest!
• Read item description for more info!

Pool Of Reflection


Purchased for 10✨SG at the Specialty Supply.

• Remove some or all of the subtypes from a character
• Can apply to one or multiple forms if the character has more than one
• Removes all subtype-exclusive and free subtype traits corresponding to the subtype you are removing
• Read item description for more info!

Youth Scroll by Browbird

Youth Scroll

Purchased for 100✨SG at the Specialty Supply.

• Reverts a browbird that previously had a browlet form BACK TO A BROWLET
• Allows you to do the adult form design process all over again! Meaning you can entirely redesign the crest, edit colors/markings, buy new traits for USD, etc!
• See here for browlet guidelines.


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