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Created: 2 May 2020, 10:14:16 EDT
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Welcome to the Salon! The go-to place for design editing.
This page goes over...
Change Guidelines
How to submit an edit
Items used to make edits

THIS PAGE IS ONLY FOR EDITS! If you are looking for general design guidelines go here!


Sparkle by Browbird CHANGE GUIDELINES

You must be the current owner of the design to submit for official changes.
You may do multiple edit types during one submission.
You may ask about 1-2 hypothetical design changes through discord, however if you'd like a full review of your edits please submit it and state in the post "WIP SEND BACK AFTER REVIEW".
The artwork submitted for the final design must be full color and should clearly show all listed traits.
Please do not sell or trade any unapproved edits as the official design.
All edits, arwork, and references should be safe for work and abide by the TOS.
Staff holds the right to reject any update for any reason. We will always provide a reason upon turning down an edit.
 Design edit reviews can take up to 7-14 days on average PER DESIGN. Reviews will take longer during ARPG events, real life holidays, or if you are using a work-in-progress trait or item.

Once the edits are on the masterlist they count as the new official design! You are able to revert to previous normal design edits for free.
Universal Design Change Restrictions

Browbird crest shape cannot be changed at this time.
Painted Satyr mask materials cannot be changed at this time.
Species cannot be changed.
Aspects cannot be changed or removed.
Species types ("subtypes") cannot be swapped for other types. 
Special traits cannot be swapped for other special traits. 
Traits added through the use of an item cannot be swapped to a different trait, they can only be removed or returned to their original trait. Please be sure the traits added through items are marked as such on the masterlist when submitting an edit. 



Sparkle by BrowbirdHow to submit

To start your design update submission form, navigate you the page of the character you want to edit. You can find all your characters here! On the left sidebar at the very bottom of the list is an option to update the design.

Update Design Help by Browbird

Next you will be brought to the form creation page. If your character already has a edit draft you will be able to access it from here. If not, you can create a new design update request by clicking the button in the bottom left.

Update Design Help2 by Browbird

This will bring you to the newly created design editing form! Fill out the information required for each section, save the section, and then be sure to submit your design update. If you have any questions before submitting you are able to contact staff through the discord design help channel.

The comments allow you to include important information alongside your design update request. Please be sure to list out all changes you've made to the design and all items you are using to make changes in this area so that staff can review your submission faster. If you are only updating the artwork, please let us know in the comments! An empty comments section may result in your edit being rejected.

masterlist image

Upload the new image of the character with the option to add and crop your own thumbnail.


This section allows you to add items to your design update. Please add all items you are using in this section. They will be removed from your inventory while the submission is pending. Remember that items used for design updates are one-time use and will be consumed once the update is approved. If your update is rejected, cancelled, or deleted the items attached to it will be returned to you.


Fill out all traits for the character. "Default" anatomy traits do not need to be added. If a trait you are using was added through the use of an item please include which item was used in the "additional info" section to the left of the trait.

Please be patient as staff reviews your submission. Sometimes reviewing designs can take up to one week or longer in specific circumstances.





Sparkle by BrowbirdGeneral EditsSparkle by Browbird

This section will cover the primary ways of editing a character and how to go about making the edits you want to make!

Original Design by Browbird

Sparkle by Browbird Free Changes

These are changes you can make without using any items, all you have to do is submit the updated artwork!

The goal of free edits is to keep all the core aspects of the design the same while making minor tweaks to give them your own personal flair.

✦ ALL EDITS are considered branching off from the original design, not from the current design. So you cannot stack multiple small color/marking edits over time to eventually create a whole new design.


✦ What can be changed for free WITHOUT submitting an update request?

• Changing the character's name and editing their profile (you may do so from their character page)
• Changing a character's body type
• Changing a character's gender
• Adding small scars to a character
• Very minor accent markings, such as a mole or eyeliner
• Designing an outfit or in-character items as long as they do not heavily resemble existing in-game items or have powerful enchantments.

Further editing will require a request be submitted so that the masterlist image can be updated accordingly.

✦ What would require an update request?

You can make as many of these updates as you want to a design.
• Adding tusk teeth or long fangs 
• Adding new small markings that don't cover more than roughly 5% of the design
• Subtle modifications of the markings
• Changing hair color, length, or style where it looks noticeably different from the previous version
• Color edits allowed by free changes (more info below)
• Changing ears to a different set of standard ears
• Changing eyes to a different set of standard eyes 
• Extending or reducing the coverage of a of an additional trait
• Adjusting the length of a trait within the same rarity
• Removing a trait added through a trait item
• Changing an additional trait to a completely different variant covered under the same trait, such as changing a painted satyr's fruit flora that resembles grapes into fruit flora that resembles apples or changing star glamour eyes to be diamonds.
• Changing coverage of an additional trait such as increasing the amount of star markings or flower flora
• Designing what's under clothing in the case of the design not coming with a no-outfit version
• Reverting to another version of the design (you can see all previous designs in the "images" section on the profile)

Here's an example of a design with free edits made to it.
Note how the main body almost entirely stays the same! Free edits should not change more than this example shows.

Free by Browbird


✦ What color edits can be made for free?
The following visual guide will go over what's generally possible within free color edits.

Color Edit Guidelines by Browbird
3 by Browbird
Yellow (Striped) Areas

These areas are minor accents that can be changed to any color when making free changes.
Crests must still retain their rarity when editing colors!

Minor accents often include things such as: hair, eyes, mouth, teeth, crest, nails, and very small amounts of markings. Additional trait markings can have their color changed, as well as satyr flora.

2 by Browbird
Red (Checker) Areas

These areas are often times accent areas that can be changed to other colors that currently exist on the palette when making free changes. Very small amounts of new colors can be added to them.

Accents often include things such as: Parts of the face, hands, the tip of the tail, feet/hooves, horns, and some additional traits.

1 by Browbird
Blue (Spotted) Areas

These areas are the base colors. They cannot be edited much with free edits and should overall remain the exact same. Very subtle adjustments can be made around the edges of the design.

Base colors often include the entire main body, arms, legs, face, most of the tail, and wings. Satyr patches are included in the main body aside from the areas covered by the areas highlighted in red above!



Sparkle by Browbird Trait Items


Some items possess special qualities that can be used to add new and rarer traits to characters. Traits added through items cannot be swapped for other traits using an appearance change, but they can be removed for free. If a trait added through an item is removed you will not get the item back. 

Some trait items are only able to be used on specific species. Double check if the item is valid to use on your character before obtaining the item. 

Trait Items are most often used on browbirds, painted satyr, or both depending on the item. 
Mutations and peculiars can only be used on kitbulls.
Certain items can be used on all three species!

✦ How do you get trait items?

Trait items can be gained through participating in the ARPG. Traits are available at certain shops for purchase with currency you earn, while some quests and events may give a free trait for completing them.




Sparkle by BrowbirdAppearance Change


The appearance change ticket lets you change and swap as many traits as you want during a single edit submission. If you're new, you are able to get one free appearance change ticket by claiming your free welcome gift! Additional appearance change items can be purchased for ✨3 stargold  at the Specialty Supply.

✦ What would require an appearance change ticket?

• Adding any common traits that do not already exist on the design, such as face feathers to browbirds or leaf flora to a painted satyr. You can add as many common traits as you want!
• Adding mask material traits to a painted satyr that they don't currently have
• Changing the crest effects of a browbird, such as switching blazing to radiance
• Changing a trait to another of the same rarity, such as switching your existing rare horns to an entirely different set of rare horns (this includes horns or tails added with potions)
• Changing a trait to a lower rarity, such as changing your rare tail into an uncommon tail
• Swaping trait rarities, such as removing your rare markings to change the tail to rare
• Completely changing the placement of additional traits, such as moving a hiros browbird's body wings to a different spot
• Swapping a kitbull's peculiar trait to a different peculiar trait allowed by the same peculiar
• Changing a kitbull's mutation to a different mutation
• Adding for removing hiros backwings to a hiros/half-hiros
• Changing elemental effects to a different aspect on an ancient or feyblood
• Changing elemental effect placement to a different spot not currently affected by the element (would require removing it from the previous spot. ie: switching elemental arms to elemental hair)

You are able to find the traits and rarities of a character on their website masterlist entry next to the character's image. 

Here is the example design with all traits labeled on a browbird!

Free by Browbird


Here is an example of a design that has had a change ticket used on it

Free by Browbird

✦ What was changed on this design with the ticket?

• Swapped uncommon tail for uncommon horns
• Removed rare markings to add a rare tail
• Changed position and style of head feathers
• Changed the crest effect from blazing to radiance
• Added common whiskers
• Added common flair



Sparkle by Browbird Dye Kit


The dye kit allows you to edit the colors and markings of your character in a wider range than normally allowed by free edits. It can be purchased at Specialty Supply for ✨15.

Please note: While the dye kit is more open ended, it doesn't allow the colors and markings to be entirely changed to the point where they no longer resemble the original design at all. Please do not use a dye kit in hopes of entirely altering a design's palette and markings to make a new design! If you make a lot of color edits, marking edits should be kept to a minimum and vise versa. If you want to edit an older design to an entirely new palette and markings you should try reincarnation instead!

Dye kits cannot be stacked to push edits further, and a dye kit cannot be used once and then again later to edit beyond what a dye kit allows. Please revert a design to a previous version before the dye kit was used (which can be done for free!), and then use a dye kit again.

✦ What color edits can be made with a dye kit?
The following visual guide will go over what's generally possible with a dye kit using this design as an example! Color edits may apply differently to different designs so these exact areas will not be the same for all designs however it still shows the general coverage of each color type.

Color Edit Guidelines by Browbird

3 by Browbird
Yellow (Striped) Areas

These areas are minor accents that can be changed to any color even without a dye kit!
Crests must still retain their rarity when editing colors!

Minor accents often include things such as: hair, eyes, mouth, teeth, crest, nails, and very small amounts of markings. Additional trait markings can have their color changed, as well as satyr flora. 

2 by Browbird
Red (Checker) Areas

These areas are often times accent areas that can be changed to any other color when using a dye kit, the color you use does not have to exist on the palette. These colors can be entirely removed as well. Markings in these areas can be entirely changed.

Accents often include things such as: Parts of the face, hands, the tip of the tail, feet/hooves, horns, and some additional traits.

1 by Browbird
Blue (Spotted) Areas

These areas are the base colors. They can have colors tweaked to be more warm, more cool, lighter, darker, and more or less saturated by up to 30% combined. The colors cannot be freely changed to any other color and should stay within the same color group.  You can edit individual parts or all at once and are able to remove colors from these areas with lesser coverage. These types of edits are difficult to create a guide that accounts for every possability, so the general thing to keep in mind while editing is to build on the existing design rather than try to make an entirely new design!

Base colors often include the entire main body, arms, legs, face, most of the tail, and wings. Satyr patches are included in the main body aside from the areas covered by the areas highlighted in red above!


The following are examples of dye kits being used on a design!

Original Design by Browbird


Changing main body color

The main body color can be made darker, lighter, more or less saturated, or pushed to be colder or warmer by up to a total of 30% combined. The main thing is that it remains in the same color group and the design can still be recognized. Below are some maximum allowed color edits to the overall body colors.  

Free by Browbird


Changing markings

Below are some maximum allowed marking edits made to a character. You are able to remove/reduce markings, add new markings, or restyle them. What is important to keep in mind that the general color layout should remain the same. In the example designs there is still a clear dark to light gradient present with colors in roughly the same spots!

Free by Browbird


Other color and marking edits

With the dye kit you can change small amounts of the palette, usually in accent areas, to entirely new colors. You are also able to remove small amounts of specific colors from the main body, and add new colors and markings. Try to keep the maximum changes/additions/removals close to what is shown below.

In order from left to right:
1. Maximum amount of new color added /changed that is added only to accet areas
2. Maximum amount of color from main body removed (dark brown)
3. New marking added, can be any color. Covers UP TO roughly 30% of the design.

Free by Browbird





Advanced Editing

The following items are for more specialized editing in specific scenarios. They often cannot be applied to all designs. If you are unsure whether or not one of these items can be used on a design you own please double check with staff before purchasing the item.

If your edit was covered above please feel free to skip this section!

Sparkle by Browbird Reincarnation


The reincarnation item can be used to do a full redesign of a character with a few specific restrictions. This item is useful for cases where designs are very outdated, or if you're satisfied with your current number of designs and would prefer not to get an entirely new character.

To be valid for a reincarnation a design must have been created in 2018 or earlier. If you are unsure when your design was created, please contact staff and we can let you know! Over time more years will open up for reincarnation.

The reincarnation can be purchased at the Specialty Supply for ✨100.

✦ When reincarnating a design, you must follow these guidelines:

• Browbird crests must retain their shape, but you may change their effect and color
• Painted satyr mask material must remain the same, but you may change how it looks and how the free mask traits are applied.
• All aspects the character has remain the same
• Type remains the same
• All trait rarities must remain the same, but can be applied in different areas.
• Any traits added through items can remain as the same trait or be removed
• Palette and markings can be changed without restriction
• Trait items can be applied when reincarnating!
• While we encourage having a nod to the original design in the palette or markings, it is not required.

The reincarnated design becomes the new official default design and any designs associated with the old version can no longer be used.



Sparkle by Browbird Temporal Reversal

Temporal Reversal by Browbird

Reverses Reincarnation and fully resets a character to their original design.
Anything added to the character after the reincarnation will be removed, including alternate designs and traits added to the character. Once used, this will allow the design to be reincarnated again and all design edits created before the reincarnation become accessible to switch to!

The temporal reversal can be purchased at the Specialty Supply for ✨75.



Sparkle by Browbird New Story

New Story by Browbird

Get a character in a trade who is already maxed out on quests? With this item you'll be able to completely retell their stories.

This item resets all permanent quest progress on a character allowing those quests to be doable again to earn rewards and stargold.

The New Story can be purchased from Specialty Supply for ✨20.


✦ How does it work?

• You cannot choose to wipe specific quests, only all of them can be removed
• You cannot wipe any quest progress if you are the one who created submissions for any of the quests
• The same user cannot use this item on the same character twice.
• It cannot be used on events, only these quests!

You can see if a character has quest completion by checking their description on the website masterlist. 

When using this item please do your best to locate all past quest submissions created for the character that will be wiped by the item and provide them to us on your edit submission. You can find them in the character's submission log for any content created after the website move-over (Can be found under "history" on their masterlist entry) and via the DA group folder for older quests. 



Sparkle by Browbird Pool of Reflection

Pool Of Reflection by Browbird

This item allows the removal of one subtype from a character. If you have a hiros browbird but struggle to draw wings, don't fret, as you can change them into a standard browbird!

This item's use excludes types added through items on existing designs, which can be reverted to their past variations for free. This is only for designs originally created as a specific type. To remove multiple subtypes you will need multiple items.

The Pool of Reflection can be purchased from Specialty Supply for ✨10.



Sparkle by Browbird Youth Scroll

Youth Scroll by Browbird

This specialized item allows a design that was originally purchased as a browlet, but has been replaced by an adult design to be reverted back to a browlet where a fresh adult design can be created. You will have all the same rarities to work with that the adult design had.

This item can be purchased in Specialty Supply for ✨120.

✦ How does it work?

Please note that a browlet cannot be used in the ARPG until the adult design is made official. 
• This item only considers the current adult design, and does not take into account past adult designs. 
• Can ONLY be used on designs that were originally sold as browlets from an official browlet adopt set.
• Customs or other designs on browlet bases cannot be used with this item.
• All designs created after growing up previously are no longer valid and cannot be used
• All traits purchased with the browlet originally will become raw rarities again that can be applied as different traits. 
•  All traits added through items on the current adult design can be applied as the same trait or removed entirely
• Aspects return to the baby's aspects 
• All quest progress is reset if applicable
•  You are able to redesign the crest completely
•  You will be able to purchase extra traits for USD - See here more information


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