Wing Ears

Wing Ears (Hiros Common)

Species: Browbird (Hiros / Half-Hiros subtype)

This trait can be applied for free to a hiros/half-hiros browbird MYO slot.
☑️ If your existing hiros/half-hiros browbird design does not have this trait it can be added with an Appearance Change at the Salon.

Trait: Replaces the browbird's ears with small feathered wings
Size: Cannot be bigger than the examples shown below.

✅ You can change both ears or have 1 wing ear and 1 standard ear
✅ Can be asymmetrical in shape/style
✅ Feathers/wing can be tattered but not gorey/mangled by default
✅ Wing ears can be folded, flare out, and even cover the character's eyes. If eyes are covered please provide an eye reference.

❌ This trait cannot be applied multiple times to apply more ears
❌ This trait will replace the standard ear type when applied

Wing Ears1 by Browbird

⚡ Large Wing Ears

⚡ Large Wing Ears (Hiros Rare)

Species: Browbird (Hiros / Half-Hiros subtype)
🌈 Can be applied to a hiros or half hiros browbird with a Rare Trait Potion.




Adds large wing ears to a hiros browbird.

This trait replaces the standard ears of the browbird.

These wing ears at minimum should be close to the size shown.

The maximum size of large wing ears is half the browbird's body height.

Large Wing Ears by Browbird

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