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Browbirds are a long-lived, space-faring race with wondrous advancements in technology and the innate ability to manipulate the mysterious magical energies that flow through the many worlds of the Celestial Seas. 

Long ago, they faced a threat headed by demonic entities that nearly wiped the entire species from existence before they were barely able to escape by saving the inhabitants of their former world. Following the species’ escape to a new planet, they were then wracked with civil war and famine that brought them close to extinction. Now, many thousands of years later a society that was once hanging on by a thin thread has risen up and once again and is thriving as they enter another decade of peace and prosperity.

Browbirds have traveled all across the astral oceans and have made their homes on even the most distant of worlds. They can live anywhere from old fashioned huts made of wood, all the way to bustling cities with flying cars and the most up to date technology. Any type of profession is possible whether it be a simple farmer, a traveling merchant, a pirate, a designer, even a dragon slayer, or anything else you can imagine!

Browbird Traits


Main Article: Aspects
• Each standard browbird has 2 aspect slots
• Aspects can be common by default.
• Aspects cannot be changed later.
• For your design to be approved you must fill in at least 1 slot with an aspect, this is done during the submission process. You add the aspect like you would any other trait.

Aspects determine the browbird's magical abilities. They are primarily used for roleplay and in-character story interactions. They do not affect the physical features of most designs by default (See types for more info). Choose the aspects that you feel best suit your character's theme and story! 

If your browbird has a particular aspect, if there is ever a prompt revolving around using that aspect you must clearly show them using it. They cannot use aspects that they do not have. 

IMPORTANT: All standard browbirds and MYO slots have TWO aspect slots by default. Hiros/half-hiros browbirds will always have THREE by default. You can only add an extra empty slot using a universe page item.

Type and Type Traits

Type or "subtype" are the various types of browbirds. Each type has its own unique features and traits only available to that type that can be used in addition to base species traits. The type of your browbird will usually be included with your slot. If no type is included, it should be assumed as a standard browbird. You can have multiple types in some cases, allowing for some hybrid traits.

Standard - Regular browbirds
Hiros/Half-Hiros - Feather Winged Browbirds
Ancient - Elemental Browbirds
Revenant - Undead Browbirds
Halv - Monster Browbirds
Astrean - Sea Dragon Browbirds
Reverie - ???

Physical Traits

These are the required traits for every browbird.

Standard Ears
Standard Eyes

Crests are the floating shape above a browbird's head. Choose a shape from the lists that represents the character. You can also optionally choose effects to modify the look of the crest! Crests are an important choice, as they cannot easily be changed later.




Additional Traits & Customization

These are extra traits that can be added on and add extra features to the design or modify existing traits. It can include things such as eye variants, rare markings, and various face details

335-image.png336-image.png355-image.png356-image.png354-image.png10-image.png438-image.png360-image.png361-image.png367-image.png11-image.png12-image.png13-image.png64-image.png337-image.png339-image.png366-image.png 363-image.png362-image.png168-image.png

Available but needs preview images:
Faux Wings (Common)
Clouded Eye (Common)
Reversal Eyes (Common)
Mismatched Eyes (Rare)
Glamour Pupils (Rare)
Glowing Markings (Mythic)
Runic Circle (Mythic)
Spell Sleeve (Mythic)

Clothing and Accessories

✅ Clothing, items, and accessories can be added for free without any traits! Please be sure to provide a reference without clothing to the masterlist when submitting a MYO or updated an image. 
✅ Small, simple enchanted items for fun or basic utility are fine for your character. This would be things like a bag of holding, endless teapot, or floating quill that writes as a character speaks. 

❌ Powerful enchantments, elemental effects (such as swords made of water or cloaks made of fire), or anything that could be used to mimic a trait the character does not have will be turned down.
❌ Any clothing or accessories given to a character should not heavily resemble items obtainable in game. 

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