➕ Rare Crest Effect

➕ Rare Crest Effect (Rare)

Category: Crest
Species: Browbird

‼️ Please read over the main crest info first! Applying any of these effects will make your crest RARE.

★ Huge Crest

Trait: Allows the crest to be over 1x head height to a max of 1.5x head height

✅ Sizing is always proportional to your character and how they are drawn/stylized.

❌ CANNOT GO PAST 1.5x head height this includes ALL effects, multiple crests, and particles. 

The larger the crest, the more magical energy a browbird has to draw from allowing them to perform bigger feats of magic, but it takes them far longer to recover if they're utterly drained. There are also bigger risks that come with overdrawing.


Trait: Rare crest color possibilities! Unlimited hues and a wider range for dark colors.

✅ Prismatic lets you have any amount of different colors on the crest applied to any part of the crest, effects, and particles
✅ Prismatic effect ALSO allows the crest to optionally change to any color (within crest rarity) whether it be at will or for a specific IC reason. This can optionally be included on the masterlist but does not have to be.
✅ Dark crests allow any amount of DARK saturated colors placed anywhere on the crest, effects, and particles
✅ You can mix where the colors are placed and how much coverage there is!

❌ DARK CRESTS cannot be duller than common crests, ONLY darker. The examples show the darkest possible colors!
❌ KEEP IN MIND some gradients may make muddy colors that turn gray, try to stay within range even on gradients!

Dark crests give off less light, hinting at some kind of run in with the Abyss.
Prismatic crests on the other hand are flashy. A multicolored soul often means you will find more success when branching out into new aspects.

★ Shattered

Trait: Breaks the crest apart

✅ Can be broken into any amount of fragments but fragments must be floating VERY CLOSE TOGETHER and maintain the shape of the original crest
✅ Can have cracks, be broken fragments, or both
✅ 1-5 tiny shards can float slightly further from the crest (check the star example below)
✅ Breaks can be jagged or clean
✅ Can be applied to effects

❌ Cannot be made to look like multiple crest shapes at all, it must be pieces of a singular crest only

It is a scar left behind by trauma. What could alter someone's view of the world so drastically that it breaks apart their soul?

★ Starlit

Trait: Fills the crest with tons of sparkles, stars, and constellations. The stars contained within move separately from the crest, like you are gazing through a hole into another world.

✅ Can be applied to the shape or any effects

❌ Must be contained within the crest

Those with close ties to the astral oceans have souls filled with stars. No matter where they are, the crest reflects the sky in a place that was important to them.

★ Scribble

Trait: Changes the crest to have a rough, scratchy, or scribbly drawing look.

✅ Can be applied to any shape and effects
✅ Can affect the whole crest or just the outlines/patterns

❌ Must still retain the crest shape and be clear which crest shape it is regardless of roughness

A sign of instability, whether it be in your body, magic, or mind. The soul is struggling to hold itself together, one day it may unravel.

★ Brilliance

Trait: Adds glowing streaks of light around the edges of the crest

✅ Can fully or partially surround the crest or an effect
✅ Can overlap with the crest
✅ Sizes of the individual brilliance lights can be uneven sizes but should still at least vaguely form a circle or half circle

❌ Cannot extend past the crest sizing limit, if your crest is already max size for its rarity you will have to size it down to fit the brilliance
❌ Can only be applied ONCE per crest shape
❌ Cannot be used to make the crest resemble a clock

Someone who has been so loved that the shine of their soul reflects it.

★ Outline

Trait: Turns a crest into just an outline of its shape.

✅ Can be applied to any crest shape, effect, or both

❌ All parts of the outline must be entirely connected, there cannot be stray floating shapes (unless shattered)
❌ Must be SIMPLE and follow the shape of the crest only, new crest shapes cannot be added within the outline. It should not resemble crests of a higher rarity!

Something important is missing, or was it taken? Those with only an outline crest have experienced a loss so devestating that it took part of their soul with it.
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