🔮 Whiskers/Antenna (Mutation)

Category: Mutation
Species: Kitbull

🔮 Can be applied using a Mutation Crystal

Trait: Adds whiskers or small/simple antennae to the kitbull's head.

✅ Whiskers/Antennae can be like animal whiskers, or have small round "baubles" on the end.
✅ Maximum length of whiskers or antennae added with this trait is roughly the kitbull's head height.
✅ This trait can be applied anywhere on the head, body, or tail area.

❌ This trait cannot be applied multiple times, one application of it can cover any area on the design
❌ Whiskers/Antennae added with this trait cannot resemble moth antennae or have extra parts/branches and must remain as simple "lines" with optional "dot/bauble" on the end


Whiskers (Common)

Adds whiskers to the browbird's or painted satyrs. 

The whiskers can grow from the brows, cheeks, or ears.

They can optionally have small rounded tips on the edges.

The maximum length of the whiskers should remain close to what's shown.

Whiskers1 by Browbird

⚡ Dragon Whiskers

⚡ Dragon Whiskers (Uncommon)

Species: Browbird

🌈 Can be applied using an Uncommon Trait Potion.

Trait:  Adds up to two long trailing whiskers to a browbird that grow from the head area.
Size: Maximum length can be long enough to touch the floor. Minimum length should at least reach the shoulders.

✅ Can grow from anywhere in the head area. Including nose, cheeks, brows, ears, hair, and sides of the head.
✅  Can have tufted tips but do not need to
✅ Can be furred by default
✅ Hiros browbirds can have feathered whisker tips
✅  Each application applies 1-2 whiskers.


Dragon Feathers1 by Browbird

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