⚡ Runic Brand

⚡ Runic Brand (Special)

🌈 Cannot currently be applied with items!

Trait: Adds a runic brand to the browbird, painted satyr, or kitbull.
Size: Up to 25% of the area it is being applied to

Runic brands are a mark of a character's status. What this status is depends on the character. It could be something akin to a high ranking general or perhaps even a king. Or it could be a mark of their prowess in battle or performance. They have also been known to appear if the bearer of the brand had been struck by a powerful surge of magical energy, causing the symbol to manifest.

✅ To add additional runic brands, you will need additional copies of this trait.
✅ The runic brand can be placed anywhere on the body. Ex: head, arm, leg, wing, back, chest
✅ It is a single symbol that floats slightly above the body of the character, it is not a marking
✅ It is able to glow and have particle effects

❌ It should remain separate from a browbird's crest and any other floating effects, it cannot be merged with these things or drawn to mimic them.

Runic Brand1 by Browbird


What can a Runic Brand symbol look like?
  • Aspects - Can match a character's aspect by taking the form of the corresponding symbol.
  • Domains - Can match one of the domain symbols if they have at least 2 aspects from that domain.
  • +Wings - You can add wings to any other symbol if the wings correspond to your character's type/traits. So a hiros would be able to add feathered wings, an astrean can add dragon wings, ect!
  • Unique - A symbol can be unique if the character is an ancient, feyblood, or trubull.  Unique symbols can only be used with permission of the owner of a design with a unique symbol! The character could effectively pass the symbol to children, students, or others they trust.
  • Special - Some symbols can only be obtained if you have a prexisting trait that matches the symbol. Such as a star symbol requiring star markings.

This trait is a WIP! While it is available for use, please be aware that designs submitted are more likely to be rejected if they use this trait due to lack of up to date reference material.

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