⚡ Aspect Mastery: Cycle (Ancient)

Species: Browbird (Ancient subtype)

For browbirds who fully dedicate themselves to learning magic, they will eventually achieve complete mastery of one of their aspects. When they obtain mastery of an aspect, that aspect will affect their body in some way.

Trait: The Cycle branch of aspect mastery will affect the browbird's horns, eyes, and sometimes even teeth, often replacing them with an aspect. This mastery trait is found most often on those who were born as ancients.

The cycle name comes from the way in which a browbird becomes an ancient by birth. Souls will reincarnate and pass through the layers of reality countless times, after a single soul has lived thousands of lives they have a small chance of being reborn as an ancient.

To have one of these mastery traits, your browbird must also have the corresponding aspect.

Each different aspect counts as a separate aspect mastery traits. However, using multiple variants of this trait within the same aspect will only count as one aspect mastery trait. 

★ Aspects affected by Cycle Mastery
  • Fire 
    The horns become made of or covered in blazing flames, become magma rock with glowing cracks, or will have tips that glow and flicker like embers.
    The eyes will burn with flames and have flame trails streaking from them.
    The browbird's teeth flicker and glow with sparking embers.

  • Water
    The horns become made of flowing water.
    The eyes twist and turn like whirpools, or cause the browbird to permanently cry rivers.

  • Frost
    The horns become entirely made of ice, or have icicles hanging from them.
    The eyes are permanently surrounded with frost and the eyelashes are permanently frosted.
    The browbird's teeth become made of ice

  • Wind
    Smoke or clouds flow from the horns or entirely surround them.

  • Wood
    The horns become made of living wood and sprout plants of all kinds. They can grow flowers, leaves, and even fruit!

  • Stone
    The horns become made of mossy stone that can take on various shapes.

  • Crystal
    The horns are made crom crystal that can take on any color and often havs many beautiful facets.
    Their eyes will appear as if they're made of gemstone.
    Their teeth will be made of shiny crystals.

  • Arcane

  • Metal
    The browbird's horns will be made of a solid metallic material such as gold or silver.
    Their eyes can be metallic as well.
    Solid metal teeth are also possible!

  • Lightning
    The browbird's horns will be surrounded with crackling lightning and glowing cracks will form over the horns, almost appearing as if they could break apart at any moment.
    Lightning sparks from the browbird's eyes.

  • Light
    The browbird's horns will be entirely glowing with bright light and will cast sunbeams
    The browbird's eyes are an advanced form of glow that casts sunbeams and wisps of light.
    The browbird's teeth will entirely glow.

  • Shadows

  • Astral
    The browbirds horns will look as if they were cut out of space, and will be filled with stars.
    This trait allows an advanced form of starsight that creats flowing streaks of space from the browbird's eyes.

  • Blood
    The horns of the browbird will be made of solid or dripping blood that often stains their hair and and fur it drips on.

  • Bone

  • Illusions
    The browbird's horns become see-through.
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