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Official Browbird (Browbird)

All browbirds from official sales!

Companion (Companion)

Companion creatures are considered game items, NOT characters. They cannot be sold for real life currency, or traded for anything unrelated to Celestial Seas.

You can trade companions for other Celestial Seas characters, Celestial Seas game currency, Celestial Seas artwork, and Celestial Seas items!

Companions are pets and familiars that can accompany your character on their journey. They are tamed animals and cannot speak but are able to learn tricks, commands, and some can conjure simple magical spells.

✦ You can obtain one of 12 common companions through hatching a Shimmering Pet Egg.
✦ To evolve a common companion into their uncommon form you may use an Evorantine.
✦ Rare companions are obtained when a design is sold with a soulbound companion, or by winning a raffle.
✦ Mounts and mount babies are only obtainable through unique items and events.
Companions are planned to be more fleshed out in the future, but for now they are a simply a fun thing to collect!
Companions and mounts grant bonus stargold when clearly shown or written about in a prompt!
Common Companion || +1✨ Stargold
✦ Uncommon Companion || +2✨ Stargold
✦ Rare or Unique Companions || +3✨ Stargold
✦ Baby Mount (Companion) || +2✨ Stargold
✦ Full Grown Mount || +3✨ Stargold
Rare or Unique Mount || +4✨ Stargold
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