➕ Rare Effect (Rare)

Category: Crest
Species: Browbird

Rare crest effects.

✅ Existing Designs: When your character already has a rare crest, or a crest with rare effects you may add on additional rare effects (or effects of lower rarities) at the design change salon through the use of an Appearence Change ticket.
❌ Rare effects cannot be added onto an existing design otherwise. And item with this functionality is planned for a future update.
✅ MYO Designing: When designing a new character, adding a rare effect to a crest shape of a lower rarity makes the entire crest rare. You may use a Rare Trait Potion or purchased rare trait to make the crest rare.
✅ Limitations: You are not limited on how many different effects you can use, however each effect can only be applied one time per crest shape/effect. In the case of multiple crests or effects, that means each crest can have one of each effect. (Example: You can apply "starlit" effect to "blazing" effect and also apply it to "flame" shape)


Starlit crests are filled with stars, constellations, and have a ridiculous excess of sparkles surrounding them. Those with crests such as these are often thought to have ancestral ties to the astral ancients.

🔸 A starlit crest can have small stars, constellations running through it, and TONS of sparkles. It will appear as if you are looking out into space through the crest.
Dark Crests are crests with a very distinct and odd dark coloration with a bright glowing 'rim' around them. Those with these crests are often thought to be souls who had entered the Abyss in a past life.

🔸 The crest can be much darker than normal. 
🔸 Dark crests must remain saturated and cannot be any duller than a common crest. 
🔸 Dark crests Must have a bright colored outline or a bright color within it somewhere.
🔸 Dark crests cannot be made black or close to black.
🔸 Dark crests should have a value above 20 B (brightness) on the hue, saturation, brightness scale.
Prismatic Crests shine in many colors. The perfect effect for a flashy browbird with a strong personality. 

🔸 Must have at least 3 distinct colors on the crest. Colors can be twisted together, or placed in specific locations. This effect also allows the crest to change color. You can use many different colors with the crest, allowing you to essentially create the rainbow if you wanted.
Huge crests can be far bigger than their more standard sized counterparts, normally maxing out at about double the size. Naturally, one with a huge crest would have an exceptionally large amount of magical energy to draw from. The huge size can also be applied to other effects, or specific parts of a crest.

Allows the crest to be up to 2x as big as it normally would be.

Not shown in example: Shattered crests ...

Allows the crest to be fragmented into up to 5 pieces. Fragments must stay close together and should still form the crest shape.
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