➕ Uncommon Crest Effect

➕ Uncommon Crest Effect (★Uncommon)

Category: Crest
Species: Browbird

‼️ Please read over the main crest info first! Applying any of these effects will make your crest UNCOMMON.

★ Blazing Crest

Trait: Lights a crest on fire giving it a burning aura, or makes a flaming crest even more firey. 

SPECIAL SIZING FOR BLAZING ONLY: One flame trail of the blazing effect can extend 1x extra head height past the main crest for common-rare crests. Cannot make mythic crests larger than max. DOES NOT CHANGE CREST SIZE this only affects the blazing flame trail.
✅ Can be applied to any crest to make it firey. Crest can be surrounded in fire or have flaming trails
✅ Can be applied to other effects
✅ For fire-styled crests it gives them a larger blaze and multiple flame tails
✅ Flame trails can have smaller branching flames

❌ Flames should flow together and not be spiked out in all directions

A burning soul! While most crests only give a slight tingly sensation when reached through, the blazing crest feels a little warm though it isn't enough to burn. Crests like these are souls overflowing with energy and it takes added effort to control it.

★ Bubble

Trait: Makes the crest bubbly or bubble-like in appearance

✅ Can be slightly translucent on 25% of the crest TOTAL as long as color is still retained elsewhere
✅ Can affect any shape or other effects

❌ CANNOT BE ENTIRELY TRANSPARENT, must still have obvious color on the crest and should follow all crest color guidelines.
❌ Cannot have other shapes floating in the bubble by default, you would need a second crest to have something contained inside the bubble crest
❌ Bubbles should be ATTACHED or float very very close to the crest
❌ Bubbles on the crest should be round

★ The bubbles signify leaking energy, causing those with crests like these to tire out a bit faster. Their crests sometimes look as if they're being boiled, especially when the browbird experiences heightened emotions.

★ Ooze

Trait: Allows the crest to look like liquid or drip.

✅ Goo can be like water, slime, painted, etc and can be flowing or stringy
✅ Can be applied to any shape or effect
✅ Can make the crest itself drip, or create a dripping boarder around the crest, or a combination of the two

❌ The liquid is not actually physical and would not drip onto the character, it should be contained to the crest only

Oozing leak much in the same way bubbling crests do, but not nearly to the same extent. These crests are slower to recover magical energy.

★ Radiance

Trait: Places a halo-like disc behind the crest shape. It can have simple lines!

✅ Can entirely surround the crest or surround only specific parts of it
✅ If the disc overlaps with the horns/hair/head it would always appear BEHIND the horns/hair/head, even if the crest itself would not!
✅ Lines can extend very slightly beyond the radiance disc

❌ The radiance ALWAYS appears behind the crest no matter the angle
❌ The radiance is NOT separate from the crest
❌ MUST have lines within the radiance like the examples, it cannot be a featureless circle
❌ Lines should be straight or circular only like the examples, they should not be ornate or swirl
❌ Can only be applied ONCE per crest
❌ Can only be disc shaped
❌ Cannot extend past sizing limits, if the crest is already max sizing you would have to make it smaller to use radiance

★ The mark of someone who has excellent control over their magical abilities, not a single bit of aura is wasted.

★ Facet

Trait: Gives the crest a gemestone-like look

✅ Can be applied to any crest or effect
✅ Can make the crest slightly more geometric as long as it still retains the same shape

❌ MUST STILL LOOK LIKE THE SAME CREST SHAPE cannot be used to make the crest resemble shapes of a higher rarity. The crystal texture should always follow the logic of the crest shape.
❌ Other shapes cannot be contained within the gemstone unless you have a second crest placed within it!

There's a lot going on with facet crest people.
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