🌿 Hawk (Grove)

Species: Painted Satyr

🌈 Can be added to any painted satyr by using the Hawk's Feather item.

★ When editing a character with this trait:
✦ If the trait was applied using the item it cannot be swapped to another trait, it can only be edited to a different variant within the same trait (ex: changing the type of feathered tail) or removed. 
✦ If the design was created with this trait without use of an item it can be swapped to a different trait from the hawk list using an Appearance Change.

★ Info
✦ Does NOT require the painted satyr to complete the grove quest.
✦ Does NOT require hawk form.
✦ One trait from the following list can be added per use of the item, to apply multiple hawk traits it requires multiple copies of the item.
✦ When using these traits please ensure that feathers are distinguishable from leaves!

★ Hawk's Feathers

Painted satyr are normally covered in fur but there are a small few that sport soft feathers. Upon closer inspection the feathers have some similarities to how certain types of satyr leaf flora grows.

Size: Cannot be longer/larger than the biggest feathers in the examples. Can cover any area of the body that would otherwise have fur or hair.
✅  Application can be asymmetrical
✅ Application can be localized to a specific area or spread over the body
✅ When using this trait it can be applied to as many areas as you want
✅ Can entirely replace the hair and/or fur on the body
❌ Cannot be applied to the tail
❌ Cannot be longer/wider than the examples
❌ Cannot be applied to the mask, horns, or patch areas

★ Hawk's Tail

Changes the satyr's tail to something more feathery.

Size: Follows the design's existing tail rarity
✅ Can be applied to one or multiple tails if the satyr has more than 1 tail
✅ Can change the entire tail to feathers or apply feathers to an area of the existing tail
✅ Feathered tails can optionally fan out depending on the style you choose, please provide a reference of the fanned out version when submitting your design
❌ Does not overwrite the tail's length or branch rarity, length should still be in line with satyr's current tail rarity

Hawk's Tail

★ Hawk's Wings

Adds one set of wings to the painted satyr. Very rarely there will be a satyr born with feathered wings or those who obtain them through one of Hawk's blessings. The feathers, while they are not leaves, upon close examination have faint similarities with some types of satyr flora. While most of the time the wings are for display or gliding, some lucky few are capable of flying short distances with their wings.

Size: Should remain close to examples. Back wings can be fairly large, body wings should stay close to examples shown.
✅ Application can be asymmetrical
✅ Can be placed on the tail
✅ Can be placed on patches
✅ Back wings can have up to one wing "thumb" spike up to 1x head height and with up to 5 branches. It must be covered in patches!
❌ One use of the trait only applies one set of wings (or one wing if you'd like one missing), to have multiple wing placements you will need to use multiple copies of the item
❌ Cannot be placed on the mask or horns
❌ Patches cannot be applied to wings
❌ This trait does not replace other traits

hawk's wingshawk's wings

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