Or current staff members and other users who made the website possible! Thank you!

Consider showing your support to those involved if you are able to!

  • Corrin || Patreon - Deviantart - Twitter
    Site admin. Original creator of Celestial Seas and the species. Does almost all item, quest, and event artwork! Creates event scenarios, main writing editor, website updates, and makes many designs.

  • Ares || Ko-Fi
    Site admin. Keeps things running smoothly by answering questions, correspondance, managing raffles, and helping with event creation. One of our main writers and creator of many NPCs and designs!


  • Pep || Patreon - Twitter - Instagram
    A pillar of the community. Moderates the website and discord chat. Approves and reviews submissions and overall keeps everything going at a quick pace. Designs adopts and helps with visual assets on occasion! 

  • Toy || Ko-fi - Commissions
    Moderator who does a ton for submission approvals and keeping an eye on the discord chat. Designs adopts!

  • Acember || Commissions
    Moderator who helps a lot with reviewing submissions and keeps a lookout in the discord chat. Does a lot of adopt designs!

  • regalmanatea || Ko-fi
    Writer and moderator. Helps with item descriptions, event and quest writing, and reviewing submissions. Designs adopts sometimes!


  • Spike || Commissions
    Writer who works on event and NPC writing and helping us brainstorm new ideas for future content. Also does adopt designs!


Special Thanks


Core Extensions

These extensions were coded by the Lorekeeper community, and are now a part of core Lorekeeper.

Stacked Inventories by Draginraptor

Submission Addons by itinerare

Character Items by itinerare

Bootstrap Tables by Preimpression

Watermarking by itinerare with masterlist image automation by Speedy

Separate Prompts by itinerare

Comments by Preimpression & Ne-wt

Reports by Ne-wt

Masterlist Sublists by Junijwi

MYO Item Tag by Junijwi

User Transfer Reasons by Snupsplus

Extension Tracker by Preimpression (This page/the section below!)

Galleries by itinerare

Captcha (v3) by itinerare

Navbar News Notif by Junijwi (Enabled)

Species Trait Index by itinerare (Disabled)

Character Status Badges by Junijwi (Enabled)

Character TH Profile Link by Junijwi (Enabled)

Design Update Voting by itinerare (Disabled)

Item Entry Expansion by itinerare (Enabled/Enabled)

Group Traits by Category by Preimpression (Enabled)

Character Rewards by Preimpression (Enabled/Character Owner)

MYO Image Removal by itinerare (Enabled)

Installed Extensions

These extensions have been added to this site.

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