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Category: Aspect
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The personality section is just for fun, your character does not have to fit into this! Consider it more like a zodiac.


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🔮 Crystalized Soul (Peculiar)

Category: Peculiar
Species: Kitbull

This trait is a WIP! While it is available for use, please be aware that designs submitted are more likely to be rejected if they use this trait due to lack of up to date reference material.

🌈 Can be added to any kitbull by using the Crystallized Soul item.

★ When editing a character with this trait:
✦ If the trait was applied using the item it cannot be swapped to another trait, it can only be edited to a different variant within the same trait (ex: changing the look/type of the gemstone on a kitbull with the Crystalline trait) and have it's coverage edited, or be removed. 
✦ If the design was created with this trait without use of an item it can be swapped to a different trait from the Crystallized Soul list using an Appearance Change.

★ Info
✦ Each trait from the list counts as 1 peculiar trait
✦ Use of the corresponding item only applies 1 trait from the list, to apply multiple traits it will require multiple uses of the item or access to multiple peculiar traits
✦ The "can combine with" section indicates traits that can be used to modify the appearance, such as allowing the trait to glow or float. If you have access to both traits you can use these hybrid features.
✦ Keep in mind when adding traits that change/replace parts of a design to a different material that using these features to add large amounts of new colors/markings added to the design may have the update turned down. 

★ Crystal Growth

Trait: Crystals grow from the kitbull
Size: Can cover up to 50% of the kitbull design. A single large crystal should not exceed a 50% of the kitbull's body length

🌀 REQUIRES: Crystal

✅ Can grow from the body, ears, tail, limbs, wings
✅ Application can be asymmetrical 
✅ Only one application of this trait is needed for multiple types of crystals
✅ Crystals can be fictional or based from real life specimens
✅ Crystals can be any color and any shape as long as they clearly read as crystals or gemstones
✅ Can be shiny, faceted, lightly reflective, very lightly translucent

❌ Cannot be applied multiple times to increase coverage area
❌ Does not replace any traits or features
❌ Cannot grow from the eyes
❌ Cannot resemble scales or plating
❌ Cannot be applied to the top of the head to resemble horns, use crystal replacement instead!
❌ Cannot be metallic, glow, or entirely tranclucent/see through to resemble glass without the appropriote modifier traits

★ Shattered

Trait: Shatters part of the kitbull's body
Size: Depends on shattered part

🌀 REQUIRES: No extra requirements!

✅ Application can be asymmetrical
✅ Each use of the item shatters up to 100% of ONE of the following features: Wing(s), Arm(s), Leg(s), Tail(s), head/ears, horn(s), most other traits, or up to 50% of main body
✅ Shattered parts still remain, the shards float in a similar shape to what they once were
✅ Optional: Can reform and shatter at will, when reformed there are cracks marking the broken area. You can decide what made them shatter!

❌ For multiple areas to be shattered the trait must be applied multiple times. One placement per use of the trait!
❌ Does not replace any traits or features, only modifies them
❌ Breaks should look somewhat rough. jagged, or random and not be completely uniform slices

★ Gem Replacement

Trait: Replaces one part of the kitbull's body with crystal or gemstone
Size: Coverage depends on replaced part chosen. 

🌀 REQUIRES: Crystal

✅ Application can be asymmetrical
✅ Each use of the item replaces ONE of the following features: Wing(s), Arm(s), Leg(s), Tail(s), Mane fur, Head hair, Eye(s), Ear(s), Horn(s), Head, Ear(s), main body/torso
✅ Does not have to encompass the entire part
✅ Can replace all features of a specific type with only one use of the trait (ie: replacing all wings with crystal wings) OR just specific ones.
✅ Crystals can be fictional or based from real life specimen

❌ For multiple areas to be replaced the trait must be applied multiple times
❌ The part being replaced but still resemble what it is replacing. This would not turn an arm into a giant crystal claw!
❌ Does not add any features, only replaces the part. Ex: would not add crystal spines on the back if you replaced the main body.

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