⚡ Aspect Weapon (Ancient)

Category: Other
Species: Browbird (Ancient subtype)

Ancient browbirds who have mastery over an aspect can learn to summon an aspect weapon or multipe aspect weapons.

This weapon will correspond to one of their aspects, and will be made from that aspect.

This could take the form of a sword made of fire summoned from a nearby blaze, or a scythe of light that appears within their hand when called.

This trait is not required if you wish to have small elemental effects on weapons, it is only for weapons surrounded in, or almost entirely made of an aspect.

➕ Living Form (Revenant)

Category: Other
Species: Browbird (Revenant subtype)

✅ This trait can be applied for free if you meet the requirements, please go to the Salon to do so.

Revenants can take on the guise of a living individual that will resemble them when they were alive, or at least a close approximation.

Bone traits and injuries will be hidden will be hidden and appear as normal trauits. All living form traits are common by default unless their revenant form has a different rarity. 

The palette can be entirely different, but the markings must remain the same.

Both forms can be used as canon.

This feature can be added and designed freely by any owners of revenant browbirds.

➕ Monstrous Form (Halv)

Category: Other
Species: Browbird (Halv subtype)

✅ This trait can be applied for free if you meet the requirements, please go to the Salon to do so.

Halv browbirds are sometimes able to take on alternate forms that are larger and more powerful. While  some may need to have a trigger to go into their alternate form, others are able to shift at will. There are even some halvs who stay in their monster form permanently.

Not all halvs have an alternate form, it usually will depend on how much void energy they have absorbed when their transformation into this type first took place.

If you own a halv design, you may design their monsterous form for free, or alternatively you may designate their current design as their halv form and create a standard form for them.

When designing the Monsterous form, you can change the following:

  • Colors (markings must remain very similar)
  • Horns and tail
  • Certain additional traits
  • The crest
  • Certain magic aspects
  • Body type and height

Please keep in mind that trait changes should make logical sense or they may be declined. Consider why those changes happen and how the transformation may look!

The monsterous form does not need to remain bipedal in that it can also take on a centaur-like appearance! This allows the design to have four browbird feet and a centaur or even more serpent like body-type on their lower half.

🌀 Hybrid Trait: Hiros halvs can take on a harpy monsterous form. This grants them wing arms. For the centaur form combined with hiros, they may instead become a bird-taur.

⚡ Moving Markings (Legendary)

Category: Other

Allows the markings to move around.

⚡ Seasonal Coat (Legendary)

Category: Other

Allows all of the fure and hair of the character to change color in up to four different palettes.

This can be used to make seasonal color variants!

Entire palette shifts, shifting is NOT localized. These alternate palettes are permanent alternate versions of the character: the character can either willingly change between them OR the change is specific to season or enviornment. 

Aspect Body (Legendary)

Category: Other
Species: Browbird

Allows the body to be overtaken by their aspect.

The light aspect allows the full body to glow, while the fire aspect creates a body of flame.

The browbird can freely switch between their aspect body form and their original form.

Living Weapon (Legendary)

Category: Other

Grants the character a weapon that is sentient and can speak.

These weapons can optionally take on a non-weapon form that can appear as a browbird, painted satyr, or kitbull and essentially acts as an extra MYO that is bound to the character who wields them. They would be freely able to shift in and out of this alternate form. This alt form must be based off both the weapon design and the design of the wielder. This weapon will count for the additional character bonus when included in  drawn prompt entries, but does not count as a separate character and cannot complete quests on their own, use items, have companions, or acquire perks. 

The weapon can be any type of weapon (such as a sword, staff, tome, shield, chains, ect). But it cannot change into different weapons.

The weapon cannot be elemental unless the browbird is also an ancient with the elemental weapon trait.

Shape Shifting (Legendary)

Category: Other

Allows the character to transform into another species. (Browbird, kitbull, painted satyr).

Their traits will translate over as closely as possible within rarity. This alternate form is tied to the original design and cannot be separated from it. The alternate form is considered the same character and will be included on the original character's masterlist entry.

This alternate form can be used in prompt entries in place of the original form. 

Characters with this trait are able to swap between their two forms.

To have a form in both other species, your character must have 2 applications of this trait.

Grove Form (Grove)

Category: Other
Species: Painted Satyr

This ability can only be obtained by completing the Grove Quest with a painted satyr.

★ When editing a character with this trait:
✦ Grove form cannot be changed to another animal.
✦ When updating the standard design of a character with grove form you will also need to provide an updated grove form reference as well to be able to continue using it in prompts.
✦ To remove grove form and grove quest progress you must use a New Story item. 

★ Info
Grove form is an animal form that painted satyr can unlock. This grants them the ability to turn into a single animal form that retains all their same traits. While in grove form they have heightened senses, can move faster, and feel more in tune with their surroundings.
✦ You do not need to unlock grove form to use grove traits.
✦ Grove form does not have to match grove traits
✦ Grove form does not automatically grant grove traits
✦ The grove form unlocked corresponds to which path of the grove quest your satyr takes
✦ Each satyr can unlock up to ONE grove form, once unlocked they cannot obtain a second grove form
✦ The character is able to freely switch between the forms and the forms can be used in prompts interchangeably
✦ Animal features can be tweaked slightly as long as they still read as the correct animal
✦ All traits and markings should be translated over to the grove form to the best of your ability
✦ Grove form can have an animal-like face OR their usual satyr face, allowing for sphinx-like designs

Stag Quest by Browbird★ The Stag

Those who choose to seek out the Stag Spirit often find themselves lost, or in similarly repeating patterns of day to day activities. They wish to break away and find something more, to dig deep and find a way to make change. They may indulge in unhealthy or impulsive habits as  they hope for a sign to appear, but the Spirit of the Stag seems to come to those who have truly accepted that they are ready for change of any kind - not just change that they think they would like to see. Life is unpredictable and ever changing, and sometimes all that is needed to see the truth is to stand still - even for just a moment. 

✦ The Stag is the fastest of the grove forms, being able to reach top speed quickly and sprint for long distances
✦ The largest Stags can carry 1-2 people on their backs
✦ They are most in tune in deep forested areas and jungles

Stag Quest by Browbird★ The Wolf

Those who choose the Path of the Wolf are often looking for a sense of guidance and direction to find a prosperous path in their lives. Much like how a wolf will lead their pack and survive in the harshest of conditions, these Satyrs seek the ever elusive sense of security and knowing their fate and future is bright. It is also said that those who hail from cold or desolate places will find solace in this path, working as well with others as they would on their own.

✦ The Wolf is the strongest of all the grove forms, able to easily tear things apart with their teeth, and with their sizeable stamina they can carry large burdens for long distances
✦ The largest Wolves can carry 1-2 people on their backs with ease
✦ They are most in tune in alpine areas and the mountainous regions 

Stag Quest by Browbird★ The Cat

The path of the cat often reveals itself to those who have previously died and been reborn as a satyr, or to those seeking some sort of renewal. The same path is also typically sought out by more curious minds, or those with some sort of underlying mystery in their lives that they wish to resolve. It is often said that those hailing from cities or of nomadic natures feel at home under the guide of the Cat, but as with all the Guides, there is always a chance to be surprised!

✦ The cat is the most agile of the grove forms, able to quickly and quietly move across any type of terrain
✦ The Cat is one of the smaller grove forms, the largest cat could carry 1 person.
✦ They are most in tune in grassy plains and deserts

hawk★ The Hawk

Satyrs who follow the path of the Hawk are those who seek freedom from emotional weights and struggles. They desire to come to terms with any mental turmoil they may carry, be it from past lives, present issues with no clear resolution, or responsibilities and burdens they feel they have come to bear. Inner peace is something that can be obtained in many ways, but some satyr find it is easier discovered with the help of guiding wings to keep their heads held high.

✦ The Hawk is is agile and perceptive, but where they most shine is their stamina. They are able to fly across vast distances without rest
✦ The Hawk is one of the smaller grove forms, the largest hawk might be able to carry 1 person for a short distance
✦ They are most in tune far above in the sky, cresting the tops of forests and tips of mountains and among the sky islands

serpent★ The Serpent

Satyr who seek out the path of the Serpent may be ones who are seeking to move on and heal from events in their past that may have caused much apprehension or distrust. They are oftentimes known to be reclusive and nervous of the unknown, but hoping and praying to open their heart once more to feed their innate curiosity of the world. Much like a snake sheds its skin into a new form, these satyrs hope for catharsis and transformation upon their return.

✦ The Serpent is the most agile, strong, and capable in the water and able to dive to the farthest depths with ease
✦ The Serpents do not exactly carry others, but they would easily be able to guide someone through the water with great speed
✦ They are most in tune in wetlands, swamps, rivers, lakes, and oceans

⚡ Glade Centaur (Feyblood)

Category: Other
Species: Painted Satyr (Feyblood subtype)

The painted satyr can take on the form of a horse-like centaur with four hoofed feet. They are able to switch between this form and a bipedal form freely. Hoofed form should still resemble the colors and markings of the bipedal form and all traits should remain the same. Max height is 10 ft.

If they have obtained their grove form, their centaur half can resemble that grove form's build rather than a horse.

This trait is a WIP! While it is available for use, please be aware that designs submitted are more likely to be rejected if they use this trait due to lack of up to date reference material.

⚡ Split Being (Feyblood)

Category: Other
Species: Painted Satyr (Feyblood subtype)

The satyr will have two masks, essentially two faces. Second mask does not have to go in the head area and can be placed on the back or chest instead. Can be used to give a satyr two heads as well, sometimes this two headed feature will only manifest in their grove form.

This trait also allows for the satyr to eventually develop the ability to split apart from themself into two separate, but similar, designs. The two forms usually represent the two halves of someone's soul. The two selves still count as one design but can act separately. 

When creating a new character with this trait you are able to choose up to 3 materials per mask.

This trait is a WIP! While it is available for use, please be aware that designs submitted are more likely to be rejected if they use this trait due to lack of up to date reference material.

⚡ Decay (Feyblood)

Category: Other
Species: Painted Satyr (Feyblood subtype)

Allows the satyr to have the following:

  • Exposed bone
  • Wounds that do not heal
  • Removeable or floating body parts
  • Dead flora

This trait is a WIP! While it is available for use, please be aware that designs submitted are more likely to be rejected if they use this trait due to lack of up to date reference material.

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