⚡ Moon Markings

⚡ Moon Markings (Rare)

🌈 Can be applied using a Rare Trait Potion.
🌈 Can be applied using a Bottle of Moonlit Shine.

Trait:  Adds moon markings to the browbird or painted satyr.
Size: You can have any many moon markings as you want! Moons can be up to the size of the head. If placed on wings they can be 2x head height max.

✅ This trait specifically covers crescent moons. To place moon markings on a design requires this trait. RINGS and CIRCLES are standard markings do not require this trait - but can optionally GLOW if paired with this trait.
✅ The moons can optionally glow. If placed on a browbird the glow should be similar to at least one color on the crest.

🔸 NOTE: Some markings may not count as moon markings if they are too small/too large or partially covered/merged by other markings or heavily obscured. This trait is only for clean, clear moon markings.

❌ Must be similar to one of the marking types shown in the example at any orientation.

Moon Marking by Browbird

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