⚡ Uncommon Hiros Extras

⚡ Uncommon Hiros Extras (Uncommon)

Species: Browbird (Hiros / Half-Hiros subtype)
❗ This trait is restricted to hiros/half-hiros subtype browbirds only!

🌈 Can be applied to a hiros or half hiros browbird with an Uncommon Trait Potion.

Trait: Small wings that cover the throat, form a mask, or are added to the flare of a hiros browbird.
Size: Wings should remain close to the size shown below.

✅ Songbird wings cover the browbird's neck and are almost always folded, max size 1x head height when fully extended
✅ A wing mask coming from the eye/cheek area on the face. can have up to two sets of wings and up to 1 trailing mini feather, max length for any is 1x head height.
✅ A wing mask can have small trailing feathers.
✅ Seraflare wings can stick up, flare out to the sides, or hang in front of the face slightly, max size is 1x head height.

❌ ONE trait application per uncommon trait potion Two of the same trait cannot be applied twice to the same design to get more wings in a specific location.


Songbird by BrowbirdWing Mask by BrowbirdSeraflare by Browbird


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