⚡ Dragon Whiskers

⚡ Dragon Whiskers (Uncommon)

Species: Browbird

🌈 Can be applied using an Uncommon Trait Potion.
🌈 Can be applied using a Dragon Smoothie.

Trait:  Adds one pair of whiskers that sprout from the browbird's head area
Size: Max length 1x body height (from top of head to ground, excluding ears/horns)

✅ Can grow from anywhere in the head area. Including nose, cheeks, brows, ears, hair, and sides of the head.
✅ Can have tufted tips OR no tuft. They are still covered in thin fur!
✅ Hiros browbirds can have feathered whisker tips
✅  Application must be symmetrical in placement but can be asymmetrical in style/color/sizing, you may also have 1 side missing a whisker.
✅ Can optionally move and flow in the wind on their own, but are not prehensile

❌ To have multiple sets you will need multiple applications of the trait
❌ Cannot grow from locations other than those mentioned
❌ Does not replace any traits
❌ Cannot have shaped tips
❌ The whole whisker should not be fluffy, only the tip can have long fluff, the rest of the whisker should only have very thing fur.

Dragon Feathers1 by Browbird

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